Friday, July 31, 2015

Little Black Dress....

Today I wanted to share a couple of the newest stamps from Just For Fun Rubber Stamps....  It's sort of a fun play on paper dolls only you get to be the designer!!   There is the Pleated Skirt and Skirt Tops .  (you can click on the links to be taken to the stamp images)

The Pleated Skirt stamp is a half circle with various fold lines that is stamped on the back of the desired paper.  Once cut out you can fold and crease in various ways to make an endless supply of flirty skirts for all your cards, lo's, tags, etc.   The Skirt Tops finish off your design - one side has a sleeveless/strap style the other top has fun little cap sleeves.

I've tried to make some of these dresses without using the stamp and they never seemed to turn out as good as the photos I see various places.  These stamps take all the guess work out.  You just stamp, trim and fold.  Far easier and much quicker.

Here are several examples of what I made with's hard to stop at just one or two let me tell you.

Depending on the fold you choose the skirts can be very dimensional and full to medium sized pleats to completely flat.  It's totally up to you.  I left many of these skirts simple but you could go wild with embellishments, trim, fringe, etc.  The possibilities are just endless!

I will be making more of these in the near future - 
they are just too much fun to play with!


  1. Adorable Roni! I can see why these would become an addiction! ")

  2. I love those...are you sharing...MOM

  3. I LOVE these! Ordered my stamps this morning! Thanks for sharing your ideas.

  4. Roni I am sorry about my late response to thes dresses, they are beautiful. I can easily see them given in so many different types of applications, but Roni with the beautiful work the that you have created with the gelatos in masterfully designing unique backgrounds, these dresses would be the peferect gift for someone's home. I always like groupings of three, but can't you see them in a girly-girl's bedroom or maybe in a series to match a young ladies first time apartment . With your. Imagination, the possibilities ties are endless.


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