Monday, July 13, 2015

Ink Stains Summer 2015 ATC Swap Due 8-15-15

Ink Stains Summer 2015 ATC Swap

Swapped & ready to mail!!!!
Here's the scoop...if you've played before it's the same details... 

*Create up to 30* ATC's using any technique you would like.
 Please - no more than 5 of the same design - if you send 10 or 15 of the same design it makes it difficult to swap them all out.  Please be sure to sign and date your ATC's :)

*NOTE: You don't have to make 30, you can make 1, 3, 10, or any number that inspires you. I do ask that you make no more than 5 of a single design.  It makes it very difficult to swap out if I have too many of one design to swap.  

*Send them to me by the due date and I'll swap them out and you'll get back a whole set of different ATC's from a variety of artists.  
NOTE: Be sure and make/keep an extra of your ATC's for yourself if you want won't be getting your own back.

*Mailing - Send a self addressed envelope + $5.00 shipping (Cash, Stamps or Pay-Pal ~  no pre-paid printed stamp strips please, my post office won't accept them)

If you're out of the USA, don't worry about sending postage right now, when I swap the ATC's out and get your package ready to mail I will e-mail you with the postage amount and you can PP me then. 

That's it...Quick, Easy and FUN!!! 

NOTE: There is no sign-up deadline as long as you can get them to me by the due date.  PLEASE leave me an e-mail addy I can send you the final details.  Thanks!

Players -

  1. Roni
  2. Dixie (a.k.a. Mom)
  3. Diana
  4. Jamie M
  5. Theresa
  6. Jerri Q
  7. Loretta M
  8. Kat
  9. Liz
  10. Judy R
  11. Olga
  12. Lisa M
  13. BJ W
  14. Donna N
  15. Dianne R
  16. JeniRuth
  17. Terry D
  18. Patricia
  19. Kee
  20. Kris P
  21. Kelly G
  22. Karen B.


  1. So just a technique, no theme?


    1. Oh no, it doesn't have to be a technique card per can be anything. Basically what I meant was there are no limits or set rules, just create whatever your heart desires.

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  3. Yeah, I've been waiting for another ATC swap! Please sign me up and my girls, Kat and Lizzy. They've been itching to participate! Thanks, Roni. :)

  4. New to this..better get busy! Should be fun.

    1. HI Patricia -

      Please send me your e-mail addy and I'll send out the mailing info in about a week or so.


    2. please let me know where to mail atcs

  5. Where do I send them? Thanks

  6. hi Ronnie, my daughter Lissie and I are so excited for new swap! I'm not sure where to find your email address though? Thank you!

  7. I'm in on this.
    I see the deadline, but not where to send the ATC's.

  8. I am a bit late to the party but ready to play! My cards are all ready to go in the mail (wanted to be sure I could get them done first). Just need the address for mailing, coming from Canada so need to get them sent!


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