Saturday, August 2, 2014

Watercolor Paper Prices - Down to the Inch!

Several folks have e-mailed asking about the paper sizes and prices vs. others.  Basically they wanted to know which one price/size was the best deal.  I know all of the papers come in different sheet sizes and/or packages so I decided to do the math so I could answer the question as best I can.  I took all of the measurements and figured out the prices by the inch.  So basically below is the paper cost for one square inch of paper.  I was rather surprised that some of the papers preforming the best (IMO) were some of the cheapest!

Most expensive to the least expensive:
(per square inch)

Arches Cold Press 140lb - $ 0.012
Ranger - $ 0.01
Arches Hot Press 140lb - $ 0.0089
Fabrino Artistico  - $ 0.0053
Hero Hues - $ 0.0053
Fabrino Studio - $ 0.0025
Dick Blick 140lb CP - $ 0.0023
Bienfng - $ 0.0016
Strathmore 140lb CP - $ 0.0016
Canson 140lb CP - $ 0.0015
Dick Blick Student WC - $ 0.0014
Canson Mixed Media Paper - $ 0.0009
Dick Blick Mixed Media Paper - $ 0.0009
Crayola WC paper - $ 0.0004

So there you go...
true price of each of the different WC papers.

Hope that helps!

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  1. Thanks you so much for these fabulous posts. It absolutely helps beginners, with no formal art education, like me! I look forward to them!


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