Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Watercolor Paper Comparison - Twinkling H20's

Another requested medium - Twinkling H20's!  I have to say I love this colorant but I don't seem to use it as much as I should.  It's deep rich colors paired with the "twinkling" aspect make it perfect for so many projects.  

If you've never used Twinkling H20's before it's a concentrated color medium that comes in solid form in a little pot.  I love it because you just use a wet brush and pick up the color then paint away.  When you're done simply recap it and put it away.  So easy to use and trust me when I say a little goes a very long way.  

My only complaint with this beautiful medium is that it is so difficult to capture the beautiful shimmer on film....  I tried to show it in the first photo but it's just nothing compared to what it looks like IRL.

So here you go....I found that virtually every paper took the TH2O's perfectly! I'd say that makes this a mistake proof medium in my book. Most of the photos look blurry but it's actually how soft the TH2O's look...which I think makes them perfect for watercolor techniques.   I was looking for brush strokes and how well it blended out. 

Note: There are a few specks of other colors...those are from previous tests.  I'm running out of room on some of my paper samples so I'm scrunching things together.  

Arches 140lb Hot Press 

Arches 140lb Cold Press

Bienfng 90lb Student

Canson Mixed Media

Canson 140lb Cold Press

Crayola WC

Dick Blick Mixed Media 

Dick Blick 90lb Student Cold Press

Dick Blick 140 lb Cold Press

Fabrino Artistico 90lb Cold Press

Fabrino Studio 95lb Cold Press

Hero Hues Felt Finish 100lb

Ranger WC

Simon Says Stamp WC

Strathmore 140lb Cold Press

Told you most were super.  I fall in love again with TH2O every time I use them.

I have one more additional test - Gelatos.  Unless someone can think of another medium they would like to see on the papers.  I'd be more than happy to test it if I have it on hand.  Just post a comment or e-mail me with your suggestion.


  1. I'm like you, Roni. I love Twinks but seldom remember to use them. Thanks for another great comparison.

  2. Thanks for testing these out, Roni! Great to hear that they work well on all of the papers.

  3. any paper preference for you? it looks to me as the hot press is the smoothest. I like that.

    1. I actually like the Dick Blick Watercolor Papers - I believe I read in one of their fliers that it is made by Fabrino but at much reduced cost.

      The hot press is smooth - it's beautiful paper but it usually costs quite a bit more because of the manufacturing process. Still, it's wonderful to work with.


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