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Watercolor Paper Comparison - Watercolor Pencils

This week I am continuing on with my Watercolor Paper Comparison.  If you're just joining me the previous posts are listed below for your convenience.   If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Intro into wc papers + links & prices.

Shows 6 different types of perm. stamping ink on each paper.

Watercolor Paper Comparison - Part 3 Watercolor Paints
Koi & Daler-Rowney Watercolor Kits shown.

Lyra Watercolor Crayons used.

Several people asked about the prices vs. the various sheet size so I calculated prices down to the square inch to make it easier to determine prices.  

Today I am going to show you what watercolor pencils look like on each of the 15 types of paper.  I will be using a couple different brands - Staedtler Watercolor Pencils and I also had a few Faber-Castell Art Grip Watercolor Pencils.    I scribbled a line of each color on the various types of paper.  I then wet each individual color by it's self then made a bold swipe across the set of colors to show how well they blended together.

Staedtler  - Red (K6); Orange (A7); Yellow (H6)

Faber-Castell - Blue (143); Blue Green (156)

Arches 140lb Hot Press - Took the pencils so very well and blended amazingly well.  One of my favorites!

Arches 140lb Cold Press - Took a bit more work to get it blended well.

Bienfng 90lb Student WC - Took the color well but once blended the colors were a bit washed out.

Canson Mixed Media paper - Really nice results.  Didn't buckle, took the pencils well and blended easily.

Canson 140lb Cold Press - Another super result.  The smoother surface took the pencils well, blended easily.  Yellow and Green were a bit washed out but the blending looks great.

Crayola WC Paper - Easy to color on but the colors were so washed out when I added water to it.  Really very washed out once dry.  

Dick Blick Mixed Media Paper -  This was funny because the two different types of pencils preformed opposite of each other.  The Staedler pencils were easy to apply, blended very easily and look super when dry.  The F-C pencils on the other hand were less than stellar.  Almost as washed out as the Crayola paper results.

Dick Blick 90lb Student WC Paper - Surprisingly good results for such an inexpensive paper.  Looks super.

Dick Blick 140lb Cold Press - Really spectacular results!  Easy to blend and once it's dry it has such a pretty look.

Fabrino Artistico 90lb Cold Press - Pretty good results - easy to color on, blended very well but the FC pencils were a bit light.

Fabrino Student 95lb Cold Press - Very nice results - actually better than it's more expensive counter-part above!  

Hero Hues Felt Finish 100lb - O.k. results...blending each color went well but when trying to blend the sets together it didn't work well.  I guess that would be o.k. depending on how you use your colored pencils.  If you colored one color at a time, blended then went on to the next color it would work well.  If you color everything then blend them all it might be a problem.

Ranger - Super results...another of my fav's.  Easy to color, blend and mix.  Love the finished dry results.

Simon Says Stamp - Nice results - Easy to blend but some of the colors are a bit washed out compared to other papers.

Strathmore 140lb Cold Press - Color goes on nice and blends easily but again the F-C pencils ended up really light in color compared to some of the other papers.  

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  1. Thanks for doing the pencils!!! I will stick with the Blick 140# or even the 90#. Thanks again for all your hard work...


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