Thursday, August 28, 2014

Pan Pastels

Hi All!  As some of you may have noticed the poll at the side about Pan Pastels.  I am lucky enough to have a set to try (pastels - a.k.a. Tints) but I am also lucky enough to have bought a complete set!

O.k...let me back up.  These have been on my wish list for a while now but they are expensive....and I'm cheap!  I noticed that PP donates products to design teams to promote them on their company blogs so I made the suggestion that the Altered Pages team ask to see if we could do so.  Well the generous folks at Pan Pastels said yes!  So I got a set to try in pastel - a somewhat difficult set to use because the colors are so light but they are beautiful.  It gave me a chance to try the PP out and I instantly fell in love with them and knew I had to have them.

It just so happens that I got a 20% off coupon for Dick Blick a few days after I tried the PP... AND it was our wedding anniversary (28 years) this past weekend.   Well, dh forgot!  So I decided that as a gift to myself I was going to buy the set with the coupon.  That paired with Dick Blick's already low price it was a steal.  I can't wait till they arrive!

Set of 80

Anyway, that's why I asked about them....  I've been playing with the pastels (they are actually called Tints set) just to see what I can do and here are few experiments....

Tints, Set of 5

Here is a rough free hand rose and a bloom off to the side....  (sorry for the bad lighting...I took this last night while I was playing.)

The two rows of butterflies were done by applying the pastels to the paper, stamping with Versamark  ink then adding more pastels over top.  I love the effect...really makes em pop.

A free-hand feather on white cardstock...

And another on a kraft tag....

Here I made an oak leaf and another rose with a tiny bud both on a piece of corrugated cardboard that was laying on my desk.  Just too much fun!

So, I decided that once I finish up my projects for the Altered Pages blog I would give away the pastels (Tints) set of Pan Pastels to one lucky reader :)  I'll share more about the give-a-way a little later in Sept. but I wanted to be sure you were watching for it...  It comes with a Studio Palette Tray ($10.00 value), set of 5 Tints ($29.99 value) and a few Sofft Tools ($3.50 value)!

So stay tuned for more on Pan Pastels!!


  1. Hi Roni, I was lucky enough to win some from the UK Pan Pastel challenge, just a basic set but I love them! They're not cheap over here but I managed to win another couple of colours and pick up two more colours this week in a sale. When they are on offer is when I buy mine and I do love them! You are going to love working with them! Enjoy Karen x

  2. Roni it looks like you have been having lots of fun playing and I knew you would love them.............I certainly do. I can't wait to see your projects for Altered Pages. Danie xx

  3. So glad you are going to do a series on pan pastels! I just saved up for my first set, painting set and got it two days ago. Would love to get more colors over time. Hoping to learn some techniques from you for coloring stamped images and creating amazing backgrounds. Thanks for sharing your talents with us. As always, your blog is THE PLACE TO GO for information on how to use or do just about anything!

  4. They look great, I love the effect where you've stamped with the Versamark. I've been desiring these for ever so long. :)

  5. I have always wanted to try these but the price has kept me far away from them. I'm glad that you're doing this series on the PP because it seems like there are quite a few choices with tools & accessories but I'm not sure which are absolutely necessary to have in order to use the PP. Looking forward to more of your posts on this product!!


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