Monday, August 25, 2014

Movie Themed Album - Club Scrap!

Hey everyone!  Can you believe that it is the end of August already?!?!  I can't - I don't know where the month has gone....well, yes I do - over at the building buried under a pile of webbing - LOL!!

Well, the end of the month means it's time for the Club Scrap Blog Hop - in two days to be exact!  But I wanted to share a bit about what I'm making early because I am so excited about it!  Now I don't know if you have seen this months kit but the theme is Cinema...wicked cool movie themed papers and stamps.  I mentioned I was excited...that is because our family loves movies - so much so we often quote our favorites to each other when appropriate.  Some people think we're nuts but hey, we have fun with it.

It just so happens that one of the stamps in the collection says, "I speak fluently in movie quotes."   OMG - it's PERFECT!!!  So I knew I wanted to make an album for our family so that we could make a list of our favorite movies and write down our favorite quotes from them.  Something quirky to hand down to our future grandkids.

I just so happened to have this cool 11" movie canister which is what I'm going to use to make a pattern for my album plus I am going to store the finished album inside....

I love the label so I think I'm going to do something with it...I know most people would cover it but it's such a great touch and I love vintage goodies.  I think it only adds to the character of the whole thing.

The kit includes this awesome tape...looks like a vintage film strip.  There was a label along the edge I couldn't completely get off so I covered the rim of the canister with it.  The tape isn't washi tape - it's got a great adhesive but it's still semi transparent like washi tape.  I don't know what type of tape it is but I love it.

I started off by making the covers for my album.  I traced the bottom of the canister on the chipboard then cut about 1/4" smaller on all sides.

I then traced the cover onto a piece of cardstock and cut it 1cm smaller - these will be the inside pages for the album.   Just a note...I am keeping this page template at the back of the album so I can add additional pages as needed in the future.  I'm hoping it'll be an on-going family project.

Here is one of the stamps in the kit... I freakin love the vintage feel of it and I decided to turn it into a pocket!  I stamped it twice, cut the top flap off the 2nd image and attached it to the first with a mini brad so it actually goes up and down.

I added double stick foam tape to the back around the edge and mounted it on my page.  Instant pocket!

Did you know you can add foam tape in the center of a stamped image to make it look 3 d?  I did this with a popcorn box - the center is raised while the outer edges are mounted directly to the page making it look like it's a dimensional popcorn box!

Here are both of the images on the page....

Now what to put in the little snapper (that is my technical term for it) - how about a film reel?  This is one of the great stamps in the kit too...

Tucks right into the pocket perfectly!!

I am going to use glassine envies to tuck in little cards with the movie info & our favorite quotes for some of the pages.

Well, that's all you get to see for now...You'll just have to come back Wednesday to see what else I've done with it!

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