Thursday, August 21, 2014

ATC & Charm Swap - Coming up soon!!

Hi you creative crafty swappers out there!

Just a reminder - the ATC & Charm swap is due in a little over a weeks time if you can believe it!  I re-sent the swap details and my address tonite.  If this is a duplicate, please excuse the second e-mail but I've had several people ask for my mailing address.  I am assuming that means the mass (bcc.) e-mail I sent to everyone didn't make it or was sent to your spam folder or is still floating around in the ether.   Please let me know if you didn't get the second one and you need it again.  

I have started receiving packages already!!  Sandy from Austrailias goodies are here :)  as are Loretta's from Texas!  It's always so exciting when they start showing up.

If you have any questions or feel you can't make the deadline, plmk.  I'm always happy to help when I can!  Thanks again and if you've been thinking about joining but weren't sure - there is still time.  You have until 8-29 to get them made and sent.  It's always a good time with great art in return.

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  1. Thanks Roni for having this swap. I can't wait to see what I receive back from talented people all around the world. Cheers Sandie :)


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