Tuesday, October 8, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - Day 8 - Hey Frank!

Smeared & Smudged
31 Days of Halloween
Day #8

Hey Frank!
Havin' some fun with a domino, stamps and some Bic Markers.
Rubber Stamps make great additions to domino charms.

I'm still not the best at stamping on dominoes and coloring them....I haven't found the right combination of ink to work with the markers.  Although it could be I'm just too impatient ~ I think I may be trying to color the image before the stamping ink has dried...

Stamp Credit: Third Coast Rubber Stamps

Hope you're enjoying Autumn!!
I know I sure am...
We went to an auction this past weekend and bought lots of "box lots"... it's so much fun sorting through those :)

Charm Swappers...
hope you're sending your charms soon or have already done so.
We're getting some great ones in...
can't wait to share them all with you :)


  1. Very cute. Hope you get some real finds in the box lots

  2. I like your coloring, you did good. How fun, auctions are a blast. Enjoy your box.

  3. I think your coloring turned out great! Still have yet to try this. xxD

  4. You have given me a good point about being patient and waiting for ink to dry.

    Although going to an auction while waiting for ink to dry could get me in more trouble!
    Patience pays off there too as those box lots at the end tend to be less expensive.

  5. Yup, I am one of those impatient people also and hate waiting for things to dry. No wonder I have about 6 different projects going on at once! Frank looks so 20th century, got his number? Great job and keep at it!

  6. Love the charm!! Sad I missed this years swap!! it's been crazy here!!

  7. Yeah, you're right about letting the stamping ink dry! Shoot it with some hot air maybe! Frankie does look very mod squad!

  8. I love this. So cool with the pinkish background.

  9. Cool domino...Frankie has never looked better. You did a great job coloring.

  10. Wicked little domino charm Roni! What ink are you using to stamp with? Pop over to my DominoART's 31 Days of Halloween Reader's Gallery and enter this one if you haven't already ;0)

  11. Hey Frank is dashing! Love this!

  12. Your coloring looks great, he's the perfect size for a domino too!

  13. Fabulous domino!!! Love the stamp, this is great! mo x

  14. Love your ALTERED domino... FUN Frank image!!!!


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