Wednesday, October 16, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - #16 - Retro Halloween

Smeared & Smudged
31 Days of Halloween
Day #16
Today I thought I'd go retro! 
I'm probably going to show my age here but
I thought these little goodies are the perfect fit....
Halloween Pipe Cleaner Characters!
I knew when I got this set of stamps from Artistic Outpost's Halloween Treats that they would be perfect to make these little cuties but I never actually got around to making them.  Well I figured no better time than the present.
Each character was stamped on white cardstock then colored with spectrum noir markers and have stickles glitter glue and Sakura's black raised gel pen work.  All of the little bodies are pipe cleaners...nothing more!
These are lots of fun to make and oh so easy! 
(Not to mention cheaper than spending $3.00-5.00 a piece on them!!!)
Yes, I'm cheap ;)
Anyway, we're at the half way point....
 I hope you're having fun with this month full of Halloween...


  1. OMG! I bought thick and thin pipe cleaners to do the exact same thing (and I haven't gotten around to it either. LOL) Now I'm TOTALLY inspired. You'rs came out sooo cute! Yeah, I guess we be old 'cause I so totally remember these (and even have some Christmas ones from my childhood.) xxD

  2. I will admit I remember these!
    I'd love to see more of this kind of project.

  3. Nothing wrong with being cheap. My husband sure wishes I were cheaper than I am. Great project. I, too, remember these.

  4. If you are still crafting and creating, you are NEVER old! Great project today and love all these little characters. Cat cracks me up and love the coloring and creative uses of the materials.

  5. Love these and love the stamp set...I put it on my wish list.

  6. Fabulous!!! Great wee guys! awesome decorations! mo x

  7. Bwahahaha, I love these little guys, fab project today Roni!

  8. Oh my...I haven't seen these in years. What a great retro project. They are delightful. The witch with her funfur is my favorite!

  9. Don't worry, I'm that cheap too! These are badass!!! I love them, so much!

  10. Ok this takes over as my new fave fun are these...gotta look for pipecleaners now!

  11. I love the pipe cleaner characters - they look so much like the old ones did!

    Crafty Journal

  12. So cute! Love these little pipe cleaner charaters :)

  13. OH SO CUTE... what a great idea, like you said for so little ... I just LOVE THEM!!!!


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