Thursday, October 17, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - #17 - Who says bats hang upside down?

Smeared & Smudged
31 Days of Halloween
Day #17
I ask you again, who says bats hang upside down?
Not my bat...
with the help of a vintage wood coat hanger he's hanging right side up
he's bringing you a little Halloween greeting to boot!
Today's project is my contribution to Leigh's Domino Art blog which is also participating in the 31 Days of Halloween hop this month.

This critter is about 21" across and from the tip of the hanger to the bottom of the dominoes is about 18".    The bat is a digi stamp from Smeared Ink's A Little Bit Batty - Bat 3 supersized.  I actually printed both wings on an 8.5x11 sheet of paper then printed the body twice on a second sheet of cardstock.
The bat was colored with Distress Inks and has Sakura black gel pen work here and there.  I cut out each wing and fit it to a vintage wood coat hanger (you know the one that's just a single curved piece of braces or anything).  I then cut out both bodies, the first body was test fit to the back of the hanger and I cut the lower portion of the 2nd body off and test fit him on top of the hanger.  My goal was to make it look like there are many layers to the bat.
Next I went to work on the dominoes and wood letters.  The wood game pieces already had the letters embossed on them so I just dyed them with Distress Stain.  The dominos were colored with Alcohol Inks then stamped with letters (MSE), spiders and bats (Graphic 45).  I affixed a length of bullion wire (it's wicked cool crinkly wire) which was then wired to the hanger. (NOTE: I had previously figured out spacing and notched the wood hanger for each game piece.)
Once the letters were all in place I glued the lower portion of the body to the back of the hanger.  I then affixed the wings to each side of the hanger - this covered up all the wires and finally I used double stick foam tape to pop the upper portion of the body over the wings.  He's very dimensional in person.
Here's a closer look at the dominoes....

I hope you've enjoyed this piece...
I sure enjoyed making it ~
it was a middle of the night, strike of lightening type of thing.
I KNEW exactly how I wanted it to look and it actually turned out that way.
I love it when that happens don't you?
Have a Batty Day Friends!


  1. Great, lovely project!
    hugs serafeena

  2. This is really good, Roni. Such an imaginative use of the hanger!

  3. This would be the perfect project to hang in the front entry and greet guests!

  4. Oh WOW!!!! What are great project!!! Love the coloring on the bat, those dominoes are great!

  5. FABULOUS! this really turned out so frickin' cool! I adore that bat set from SI. Use it all the time. LOVE your project! xxD

  6. Awesome project! Very clever, I'll never look at a hanger the same way again :) Love the color on the dominoes and the dimension on the bat is so cool, those wings look real!

  7. Awesome, what a great idea. I love the colours on the domino tiles and game pieces. And this guy can hang out anywhere.

  8. Oh I want one of these. He would look fabulous over my t.v. You did an amazing job on the dominoes. Love the colors and stamps.

  9. The coloring on your bat is great! I really like the dominoes, too. How did you attach the wire to the dominoes?

    Crafty Journal

  10. Oh my batty word...what a wonderful creation. It must have taken you all weekend to create this great piece. Wait until Leigh from DominoArt sees it! WOW!!!

  11. Wonderful project, love the hanging dominoes!!

  12. Absolutely stunning Roni and I'm thrilled to feature this wicked creation on DominoART today! Thanks for playing along with us!!!

  13. woah..this is amazingly the the bat and the dominioes!

  14. Oh wow!!! fantastic!! What a great project! love the dominos and the bat!! love it! mo x

  15. Super creative you are! Love this and soo happy you shared this wonderful project with us. Great idea to use the hanger and fun with all those game pieces.

  16. I love this... and that for sure is a SUPER-SIZED bat!!!!! SO MUCH FUN!!!


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