Saturday, October 19, 2013

31 Days of Halloween - #19 - If the Hat Fits...

Smeared & Smudged
31 Days of Halloween
Day #19
Today I thought I'd have a little bit of witchy fun...
As they say...
If the hat fits....

 On a recent trip to Meijers ds and I were walking around an a guy was putting out boxes all around the seasonal area. I one box that was partially open with lots of fun paper mache' stuff so I started digging.  I'm glad I did because I found this wicked Witches Hat!!!  I've always wanted to alter one so I had to get it.  I found some cool skulls & blank tombstones too but that's another project.
I painted the hat black (of course) laced it with some black & grey mesh webbing.  I then stamped  a sheet of white cardstock with various Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells stamps then inked it all up with various yellow & orange shades of Distress Stain (I LOVE that stuff!).  I then made up several rosettes & 1/2 rosettes.  I stamped & die-cut the centers for a couple of the rosettes and glued them to the hat.  Added a bow and my little friend here Bob's your Uncle...

So, if the hat fits...wear it :)
I've got mine...
do you have yours?!?!


  1. Awesome hat. Love the skeleton you adorned it with, too.

  2. Oh, this is just FABULOUS! Love every detail. It pays to snoop. LOL xxD

  3. Great hat! I love that I am not the only one who dares dig a bit in boxes of stuff that has not yet made it to the shelves.

  4. Love the hat. Great elements of design. It sometimes pays off to snoop around..

  5. totally amazing...I have a nekkid hat waiting for me to use...and your design is fabulous..and I also love my distress inks...great hat!

  6. Awesome hat!!! Love the steampunk spells stmpas and papers and the skelly on there looks right at home! mo x

  7. Digging in boxes is the best! Love the way you decorated it up! Wonderful job!

  8. Awesome witch's hat Roni. Great embellishments!

  9. Magnificent witches hat, love all the embellishing you have done... so many details, the skeleton is perfect!!!!

  10. I love the skeleton sitting on the brim! Those little skeletons are so fun to craft with!

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