Monday, September 19, 2011

Art Journal - #2 Faux Beeswax Collage

Oh I am so excited about this technique! 

Several months ago someone asked me if there was an alternative to using Beeswax for a Beeswax Collage for the December Calendar page I shared early this year.   Well, it's taken me a while but I finally came up with something that once finished looks VERY similar to the real thing!!

Faux Beeswax Collage


Plain White Tissue Paper or Pattern Tissue Paper
Foam Brush or Stiff Bristle Brush
Sturdy Foundation (if you're working in a journal you'll need to glue 3-4 pages together)
Photos, Text, Lumpy Embellishments (choose things that mean something to you)
(Optional) Acrylic Paint (White & Your Fav. Color)
(Optional) Perfect Pearls or Metallic Rub-Ons


1. Tear up your tissue paper into small 4x4 or 5x5 chunks.  You will probably tear them into smaller pieces as you go but this is a good starting point.  I also have a couple sheets of 7Gypsies Tissue Paper that I will be using at a later point in the collage.

Faux Beeswax Technique 007

2. Gather up all sorts of "goodies" you want to incorporate into your collage.  Use what you's all good!
Faux Beeswax Technique 006

3. Start your collage by gluing down a few main pieces you really want to highlight in your collage.  Add a layer of glue to your foundation, place your item where desired and cover with another layer of glue.  You don't have to worry about being neat and're going to be adding LOTS more before we're through.
Faux Beeswax Technique 008

4. Now you add your first layer of tissue.  Depending on what you want your final collage to look like you can use plain white tissue paper or pattern tissue paper.    I like the pattern paper look but it's totally up to you.

Simply apply a layer of glue to your collage and place multiple pieces of tissue - use the brush to smooth it down and press it into the glue.  You can add more glue as needed.  You can work around some images, place one or two layers of tissue over other pieces or do whatever you like!

Remember ~ If you don't have enough glue you can tear the wet tissue paper.

Faux Beeswax Technique 009

5. From the initial first layers you will continue to add and build up your collage.  Glue, tissue and ephemera.  For lumpier items I like to glue it down then cover with one or two layers of tissue to really hold them in place...(buttons in the first photo & watch face in the 2nd)
Faux Beeswax Technique 012

Faux Beeswax Technique 011

You'll continue adding layers until you are satisfied with your collage. 
This is going to take a while to get all your layers built up.
Tomorrow I will share how to finish off your pages and share a couple examples!
Till then, have fun playin in the glue!!


  1. So cool! Can't wait to give this a try!

  2. Love to get messy I think I'll give it a go. thanks roni

  3. o wow..i will have to follow this..i'll start gathering some items i'll want to do..thx roni..loves ya

  4. Thank you Roni, this looks really cool but it's going to have to wait until the weekend.


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