Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ranger Tech. Calendar - December - Beeswax

I have been so looking forward to this calendar page...

If you've visited here before you know how much I love playing with beeswax and today is no different.  It is just soooo much fun and the results are spectacular!

Ranger offers two varieties of beeswax...Natural which has a yellow cast to it and white which dries to a translucent finish.  Personally I like the natural best.  The finished results have a time-worn vintage feel that I just love.

Beeswax Collage

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 001


Beeswax (your choice Natural - White) - Ranger
Melting Pot w/Project Pan - Ranger
Paint Brush
Collage Images
Exacto Knife (optional)
Printed Calendar Page

1. Plug in the Melt Pot, place a Project Pan into the Melt Pot, replace the lid and let it heat up for a few minutes.

2. Pour some of the beeswax pellets into the Project Pan, replace the lid and let it melt.

3. Print and trim several mini Christmas collage images.

4. Since I'm using plain chipboard for my base I thought it would be fun to add a bit of the Christmas Tissue Tape prior to starting the collage.  Much of it will be covered with the various images but enough will peek out from behind for a bit more interest.

Note: I didn't add any to the lower right hand corner because I have a nice big Santa that I will be using to cover that corner.

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 002

5. Normally I would apply a layer of beeswax to the chipboard prior to adding images for better adhesion but since my images were printed on regular copy paper it won't be necessary.  The copy paper is thin enough that the wax immediately soaks through to the chipboard.  If you are using thicker cardstock type paper you will need to apply this initial layer.

6. Begin applying the images to your chipboard by simply placing the image on your chipboard and paint with the melted beeswax. 

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 003

7. Continue to layer additional images until the entire piece has been covered.

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 004

8.  Next I added my large Santa that was printed on a thicker cardstock.  To do so I applied a layer of beeswax to the exposed chipboard, placed the image in the warm wax and covered with a second layer of beeswax. 

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 005

9. If there are areas of your collage that have too much wax you can simply scrape off the excess with a utility knife as demonstrated in the photo.

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 006

10. To remove the sticky feel of the beeswax you may apply a bit of powder or I like to use Perfect Pearls.  Simply use the Perfect Pearls brushes to apply and dust away the excess.

And here is my finished collage....

Ranger Tech Calendar - December - Beeswax 007

This is SUCH a fun technique! 
I know some of you still shy away from the beeswax but I promise it is very easy once you get started and it is oh so much fun!  I wish I could invite you all over for a day just to play with it cause I know you'd love it.


  1. I love beeswax! Thanks for the great project. Each month of your calendar has been wonderful.

  2. Hi Roni -

    Talk about coincidences, I just ordered some of the Ranger Natural Beeswax. I wanted to give it a try. Now I have a project I can play with when it arrives - LOL! Love how the page turned out. It looks like so much fun.

    Elaine Allen

  3. Love this, thanks for sharing.

  4. Ahhh, that's really nice. I've never used beeswax. When I read the title today I was wondering what you were going to do with it. That came out great!!

  5. Wow Roni, I have been following along and just love ALL your techniques. I have not even begun a calendar but I think I will now that you have inspired me. I love using Beeswax as well. Thanks for all your inspiration and easy to understand tuts.

  6. Now to go back and make a 2012 calendar with all of your very cool (I think I can do them all) techniques! So many cool applications I have never tried). WOW, in a BIG way & THANKS!

  7. I have some beeswax......somewhere.
    I would love to be organized and be able to get what I know I have. LOL

  8. I'm sorry, when I first read that Ranger has beeswax I almost bust out laughing. Growing up we would eat the beeswax when it was time to spin the honey out of the comb. Grandpa would cut the top off the comb and lay it on a plate and we would chew/suck on it until we got all the honey out.

    I'm thinking Grandpa would start rolling in his grave if he heard I was buying beeswax for crafting. Grandpa was a frugal gentleman.

  9. I love your collages! Mine..not so much. :( But when I make my December page, I will try again. I love the look...of yours!! :)

    To KSD Creations: At least Grampa can know it's still out for you to get! I think he'd be smiling!


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