Monday, September 19, 2011

Difference Between Art Journal & Smash Book

A few people have asked if the Art Journal we're doing is the same as a "Smash" book that is so popular right now. 

Simply - No they are not the same.

An art journal (what we're doing) is a book filled with sets of pages created by combining "art" techniques; images and text.  Each set of pages usually have some sort of theme and use products such as paints, inks, collage mediums, etc.

Smash Books are a product from EK Success which is a new name for a type of collage that has been around for a long long time.  Originally this type of book is called a "Glue Book" ~ no a real marketable name huh?   LOL!!  Anyway, in a Smash Book (bought version) or Glue Book (found book) you simply glue down images found anywhere, photos, notes, receipts, etc.  into the book.  Really any bits of ephemera from your daily life you want to keep or remember.  Another part of a Smash or Glue Book is the writing aspect.  You can jot down lists, notes, quotes, dates, diary type entries, doodles, or anything you want.

The following is my own personal opinion of the products and marketing of the Smash Books, not the people who buy them.

EK Success has just capitalized on peoples gullibility and produced a line of products to make them. Everything from journals, stickers, journal pads, pens, glue, tape, envelopes and more.

You can create a Smash Book/Glue Book without buying anything you don't already have in your stash. Personally I don't know why you would buy the Smash Book stuff...your book will look very similar to everyone elses book that purchased all those products?!?!? I'd much rather make something all my very own. But what do I know? I'm definitely not who they were marketed for.


I was going to delete the comments (between the stars) that I previously posted because they may have or will offend some people.  I did not write them with offending anyone in mind. 

When I write that "EK Success capitalized on peoples gullibility" I simply meant that EK is touting this particular type of craft that has been around for years as their newest invention - creating the newest trend/craze (watch the IS very clever). 

Now I'm sure not everyone is jumping on the Smash Book trend/craze because of the marketing but for the most part the comments I read about these products are because it's the latest and greatest invention since sliced bread. In generalities that type of mentality prevails (just read some of the comments on various forums out there).  Like I said, not everyone but most.

Hey, if it floats your boat by all means, buy away.  I was simply pointing out that you're all crafty devils and don't need to buy a $13.00 Smash Book when you can buy a journal from the Dollar Tree for $1.00 or even make your own from scratch.   I am all about getting the most bang for my (and your) buck ~ if I didn't think you couldn't create a Glue Book/Smash Book w/o buying it I wouldn't post it. 

Again, these are my own personal opinions - not intended to offend or upset anyone.

Hope that helps clear up any confusion :)


  1. rotfl----but I agree (so I guess I'm not who they market to either ;) )


    No, seriously.

    I had the same WTF?!? reaction a few years back when they started selling altered book blanks. Like...*really*? The whole *point* was to use a found book and turn it into an art piece, not to buy some ten dollar blank thing and stick stuff down.


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  4. Roni, you call it like you see it. I just love that about you!

  5. omg...sifting thru my reader and lol at this cuz I was thinking the SAME thoughts! thanks for expressing them! :)

  6. My sentiments exactly. Nothing new as everything old is new again. My grandmother used to do all of this long before anyone named or marketed any of it. Thank you for the clarification Roni. You are a wealth of information my dear...

  7. Amen, sista's!!! When I was in high school (many years ago)these were actually called "scrapbooks"!!

    And, I definitely don't want mine to look like everyone else's. A friend and I made our own using up lots of stuff from our stashes. Much more fun and personal.

  8. Roni, you are so right! I bought a spiral bound journal with lots of lined, unlined, pockets, photo pockets to take with me to Germany. I plan on gluing and writing each night before bed. Why? simply stated, I have oodles of plastic paper folders which hold countless ephemera from countless trips, sitting in my office closet!! One day I hope to do something with them. I don't want my ephemera and memories of Germany to became a "closet victim!" My blank pages are awaiting me. The only $$ spent was for the journal.

  9. I totally agree with you. Anyone purchasing it is doing so because of the video they made to sell it. When I first saw it, all I could think of was "I've been doing this for years!" It's pretty much how I've always used my daytimer. I'm glad that you explained to others the differences between an art journal and a glue book. Thanks for spreading my thoughts;D

  10. I never got into the Smash book craze, either. I tried for a couple of seconds at the store and looked at a few of the items but quickly thought wth would I want that

  11. Okay...I'm the proud owner of a Smash book. My dd bought it for me. She went through all my stuff and made lists. Punched punches. Found my stack of clippings of things I want to try. Everything is in the book. So now when I go to an LSS or craft store, I don't get duplicates. I love my book and thought it was an excellent gift!

  12. Lots of comments about the "Smash" Book. I agree. They are cute, tho. It actually just inspired me to use pieces of cardboard for the front and back of a book, stamped on pages, cut outs to glue in...I ended up making about 25 of them (1/4 of an 8 1/2 x 11 size)for the group of kids I was teaching at my church's summer camp. They really enjoyed writing, gluing and playing with their books. They turned out adorable!
    And, Roni, I wanted to make sure and join in the ATC swap. I have 10 ATC's ready for both categories. How fun!

  13. I appreciate when you give your opinion about a product, and I appreciate when you do product demonstrations that help me to make informed choices about the purchases I make, but when you make negative generalizations about the people who may purchase said products, you're alienating some of your readers. I appreciate the product information, but leave the purchasing choice to me. I may have my reasons that go beyond being "gullible." Thanks.

  14. I agree with you regarding the Smash Book, everything old is new again...I like making my own(buy journals at the Dollar Store and go at it). I did like the Smash glue/pen combo, so I did buy one of the pens cuz I needed it for my OWN trash book...LOL
    Thanks for sharing your insight..we all have our own opinions that we can share...but folks dont need to get snippy cuz we share them....
    You go girl!!!!

  15. What happened to the joy of making it yourself?


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