Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Finished Pages!

I have to tell you I am so pleased with how my pages turned out.  I used one stamp for my set of pages ~  it's a flourish/damask that I got from Hobby Lobby (their store brand stamp).   I stamped it around the entire outside of my pages using white acrylic paint and then colored it using colored pencils and alcohol markers (no copics).

I thought it needed a bit more so I then added tri-dots to both pages in a totally random pattern using my Inkssentials Pigment Pen.

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Pages 001

Here is a close up of my damask/flourish...

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Pages 002

Then because I was afraid I'd mess up my pages, I die-cut a nice little place to journal.  This is a Spellbinders - Nestabilities Label Die...I have no clue which one sorry.  I cut it on a fold so I could write the title on the front and make my list of things inside.  It also makes this set of pages interactive while hiding the info. 

I have to admit it was hard to get started with the journaling part.  It felt awkward writing down things I felt I do well. 

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Pages 003

and here are my lists... 

Art Journal #3 - Black Magic Pages 004

This was SO much fun!
I really liked the coloring and dots part
I think this journal is going to be good for me to get over some fears and help bring me out of my shell a bit more.  I'm VERY shy and self conscious so I have a very hard time expressing my feelings, likes, dislikes, etc. 

Maybe this journal will help you in some way as well!


  1. Roni -

    These pages turned out beautifully! I love your damask stamp and the little white dots are perfect. Truly two really outstanding pages. As for things you are good at, I think you are an excellent teacher and artist. And I also have a secret passion to learn ballroom dancing. I think it just looks so elegant, romatic and fun.

    Elaine Allen

  2. congrads winners! Roni these are lovely pages! Brilliant about cutting on the fold...cant wait to try this out...

    Roni...can u email me? wondering if you have a die cut machine ...I would be happy to cut you some of Tim's dies so you could use as stamps or die cuts...happy to send to you! just let me know which ones you (and mom) would like. xo

  3. Wow! I am blown away! Really cool Roni! Although I have 4 or 5 left feet I would love to dance! Hey maybe we can get together with Elaine and learn a dance or two! LOL! What fun that would be!

  4. It's beautiful! You did a terrific job! Thanks for sharing the technique with us too. :)

  5. Your pages are breathtaking. I love the beautiful colors of the flowers that seem to dance on the black background. The tri-dots really add detail. As for your lists...brilliant and I may have to copy this idea! I love how they draw you into the pages and create interaction from the reader. I was volunteering at the local Chamber today and it was a bit slow during lunch so I started my lists. It was odd to list what I think I am good at...we shy people are not accustomed to tooting our own horns. I love your technique and hopefully tomorrow I can play with my supplies. Responsibilities first and then art playtime...
    P.S. I posted my faux beeswax pages.

  6. I really like how these turned out! I really can't wait to start mine! This type of journaling is really good as it allows a person to actually pat themselves on the back!! We should all learn to accept what we're good at as much as accept what we're not good at! This way only those whom you decide to share this with actually get to see it!

  7. Neat technique. I've tried it before with white ink and just was not impressed with my results. Acrylic paint...why didn't I think of that?

  8. Roni, you did a wonderful job!! It really looks like you got yourself going again!!


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