Sunday, September 18, 2011

Altered Journal - 9-19 Supplies!

Several people have e-mailed asking what supplies they will need for this weeks Altered Journal Technique so I thought I would just post the list here.

The technique I have planned is.....
"Faux Beeswax"!
(Can't tell you anymore than that!)

Basic Supplies:

Plain White Tissue Paper or Pattern Tissue Paper (depending on the look you're going for)
Glue (your choice ~ could be an actual collage glue, Elmers, etc.)
Foam Brush or Stiff Bristle Brush
Sturdy Foundation (if you're working in a journal you'll need to glue 3-4 pages together)
Photos, Text, Lumpy Embellishments (choose things that mean something to you)
Acrylic Paint (White & Your Fav. Color)
(Optional) Perfect Pearls or Metallic Rub-Ons

I am going over to Mom's (Dad is having his end of the season Golf Club Banquet) to hang out with her while Dad is gone so I may not get it posted till the afternoon/evening. 
So no worries if I'm a bit late...I will be here :)


  1. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. ooooo.... sounds like a fun project!

  3. sounds this a smash book??..been hearing a lot about tune in later roni..loves ya

  4. Great to have a heads up for supplies. Seems like I am always playing catch up these days. I'm off to gather ephemera, glue and tissue papers...YAY!!!


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