Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Stamp Organization

Lots of people asked to see how I was storing my stamps in the binders I shared yesterday so I thought I would share how I store all of my stamps.  The um rubber stamps are all stored on Stampers Best Cling Storage Cards.  I have stamps on both sides of these cards.

organizing stamps

I am sorting stamps by mfg. ~ I keep all of my sets together in one section, singles in another....
stamp organization 001

Border stamps and background sets at the back of the binder.

stamp organization 002

I store all of my kit stamps sorted by month in month order.

stamp organization 003

And yes, I even store my clear stamps this way as well.  Those are also sorted by mfg.  I have an entire binder of Inkadinkado and one for Autumn Leaves.  The rest of the clear stamps I have are still sorted by mfg but they are in alpha order together in the rest of the binders. 

All of my clear stamps are stored on Alluring Impressions Stamp n' Stash Storage Sheets.  I have stamps on one side only so that when I hold the page up I can tell what each stamp is (see photo below).

stamp organization 004

stamp organization 005

And I mentioned that I was starting to make these tag books for some of my stamps. 
organizing stamps 2

I am also doing something a bit different with some of my other stamps.  If you're lucky you get a index sheet with some stamps.  I have been storing these index sheets in their original packaging on book rings.  This is an instant catalogue of stamps!  

These are my Stampers Best set....
stamp organization 006

And here is my Artistic Outpost set of indexed images!
stamp organization 007

Of course I do still have some stamps I can't bring myself to unmount.  I have all of my older TH stamps still on the wood as well as B-Line Designs; Judikins; Stampington & Co and a few others. 
 They are all stored in shoeboxes by mfg.

stamp organization 008

So there you go....
Now, how do you store yours????


  1. I store my wood-mounted and some larger clear stamps in small pizza boxes. Other clear stamps I have organized on laminate sheets. I cut and put the stamp image from the cling sheet between laminate and then my stamps cling to the back side. I have the release paper cut to the same size behind each sheet of stamps. I can easily flip through them like files. I don't keep mine together by set or manufacturer, I much prefer to have everything organized by theme.

  2. Roni -

    Thank you so much for the information. It really help a lot. Right now I have loads of wood mounted stamps that I will probably not unmount. They are stored in 2 Ikea Alex cabinets. My unmounted are also stored in there sitting on top of each other, still in sheets. I do have some cut up and mounted on cling, but they are sitting in a bag. So I need to take a weekend and do nothing but mount my stamps on cling vinyl and organize them. My clear stamps are in their original packages.
    Thanks for the links to where you bought your storage sheets, appreciate that too!

    Elaine Allen

  3. Taking notes - really. Thanks for the great ideas. Now for the time to do this. I see that my next purchase needs to be the storage cards from Stampers Best. I have an idea for my misc. clear stamps. If it works I'll tell you about it. :)

  4. Just used my "inkstains" coupon and ordered storage boards and cling mount so that I can get organized. Woo Hoo!!

  5. I have mine stored in CD and DVD cases. I unmounted most of my wood stamps but not all. I keep a looseleaf with an inventory of the type of stamp, flowers, birds etc., and number each CD/DVD so I can easily find what I want. I also have unmounted stamps in binders on storage cards. That's how they were stored before I went to the CD/DVD system so I left them that way.

  6. All good ideas! I have my wood mounts sorted by theme in acrylic poster frames that are about an inch deep. The frames comes in several dimensions, but I use the ones that are about 16x24 inches (I cant remember the exact and I'm upstairs right now and the craft room is it's the medium sized one from Michaels. I have the frames flat so they are more like trays and I have those stacked. At my last house, I had caulked in old yardsticks as dividers and hung the frames on the wall and the yardstick dividers were like shelves. That was pretty cool and very convenient to grab any stamp.

    For unmounted, I havent really found a good way I like yet. Right now, I have them all in big plastic clam shell storage cases that are about 12x16 inches. I try to buy just unmounted now because I just like stamping with them better, but I gotta get a storage method going soon so I dont waste so much time looking for the stamp I need.

  7. I was asked somewhere else how I store my clear stamps so I made a blog post. You can see it here:

  8. I have been reading about unmounting wood mount stamps but don't know how to do it without damaging the rubber. Suggestions? And once unmounted, do you do anything special to get it to stick to an acrylic block? Would love to conserve on space but don't know enough to take apart my stamps without destroying them. Even before this post series, I had started making 3-ring binders for my stamp sets by manufacturer and holidays and special occasions. I do like the idea of the tag index, fast way for finding things. Thanks so much for the ideas.

  9. After seeing your post, I bought some of these Stampers Best storage cards a few days ago and they arrived yesterday. This has to be the most fastest shipping I have ever seen from an online company PLUS, they didn't rip me off on the shipping price. I was amazed at how inexpensive the shipping charge was---which is usually my biggest hangup when making a purchase online. The quality of these storage cards is outstanding and the 8.5 x 11 size is really great for being able to store a ton of stamps on one sheet. Also, I used your INKSTAINS code for the discount, which made switching over to this system even better :) Thanks for the help!!


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