Friday, February 27, 2009

UTEE Flower Card

Today I wanted to show you how using different colors of embossing ink effect UTEE.

This is a card I made for Ranger for the Winter CHA show. I used clear and black embossing inks paired with a variety of UTEE colors on several pieces of chipboard. I also mixed in some white UTEE with the purple which I'll show you up close below.

Winter CHA 09017

This photo is a close up of the leaves and stem of the flower. I used clear embossing ink on the stem while I used black embossing ink on the leaves. Both were covered in Green Zinnia UTEE. You can see that the UTEE on the leaves appears to be darker than the stem and it also has a fine crackle where the black embossing ink floated up in the UTEE while heating. I love this effect.

Winter CHA 09017

You can see the embossing ink especially nice in the photo corners which I also used black ink and Green Zinnia UTEE.

Winter CHA 09017

Here is the flower close up. You'll notice the purple flower is bi-colored. I thought I'd give it a bit of spark by sprinkling white UTEE into the molten purple UTEE. No additional heating was necessary.

Now for the flower I used....well, wait a minute ~ I've shown you the photo of the flower and explained a bit about the difference between the clear and black embossing inks so it's your turn....

YOU tell ME what colors of embossing ink I used with each set of petals.

I'll tell you I used the same color ink for both sets of blue petals so it's not a trick question.

Winter CHA 09017

You can either post here or e-mail me and tell me what color of embossing ink I used on the....

Blue Petals.....

Purple Petals....


Green Center.....

You have until 3-4-09 to post your guess at which time I will draw a winner at random from all the correct answers.

The winner will receive a sampling of several colors of UTEE!

So, now think about it, post or e-mail and give it your best shot!

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Roni,
    I love all your tutorials. You give so much information and details. I would guess that the green center is clear emb ink, blue petals are black emb ink, and the purple petals clear.

  2. well...just guessing but; black utee on the purple petals and clear on the blue as well as the green center? I first ran into your blog on Suze"s where I was viewing everything utee! Can't wait to try this one as well.
    Kathryn from Benicia

  3. Love this... on the blue petals are black, the purple is clear and the center is also clear... I have to go try this now...

  4. I'll say,

    Blue Petals...Black
    Purple Petals....Clear
    Green Center.....Clear

    Thanks for the great tips. I'd love to try this as well, but I don't have any colored UTEE. Darn it.

  5. I'm guessing black ink for the blue petals and clear for the purple petals and green center.

  6. I like to guess black emb ink for the blue petals, white emb ink for the purple petals and black emb ink for the green center.

  7. Black on the Purple and Clear on the Blue and Green. Excellent technique, just had to give it a go straight away. Thanks for all the detailed hints and tips.

  8. hmm... I would say...
    Blue Petal - Black Embossing Ink
    Purple Petal - Clear Embossing Ink
    Green Petal - Clear Embossing Ink

    Hope I got it right?

  9. Hi Roni.
    I'd say: Black for the Blue Petals.
    Clear for the purple Petals and Clear for the green centre. x


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!