Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Rubber Stamps & Paint Clean-Up

Deb e-mailed me asking how to get paint off of rubber stamps once they have dried. I have had this happen a time or two ;) Here's what I do..... I like to get a shallow pan and put just a bit of hot water in the bottom of the pan...just enough to submerge the rubber die section...not the foam. I also add a drop or two of Dawn dish washing liquid. Let it set for a few minutes then take an old toothbrush and brush away the paint which has loosened. You may need to soak it again but it will come clean.

To help prevent this when I'm working with paints & rubber stamps I keep a towel, squirt bottle filled with water and my handy dandy toothbrush. I simply place the stamp on the towel, give it a few squirts, brush any paint from the crevices and wipe dry. I do this when I'm done of course but I also do the same thing if I'm making more than one impression.

Since we're talking about rubber stamps & acrylic paints I thought I'd share a project I made with them.

ETC! Altered Journal

This is a journal that my mom gave me for Christmas a couple years ago. Well, it was laying on my desk one day and I set it aside to work on something. I didn't realize until later that I had placed it on a still wet project soooooo it was in need of a fix.

Dabber - ETC journal

I decided to create a whole new cover for it and this is what I did....

First, I stamped on a piece of green Club Scrap cardstock using a Postmodern Design background license plate stamp and Adirondack Acrylic Dabbers.

Dabber - ETC journal

Then I covered each letter with 3 different layers of paint letting each layer dry before adding another.

Dabber - ETC journal

I added a bit of binding tape along the edges (7gypsies & club scrap) to finish it off.

So even though it started out as a duh moment,

I love how the "fix" turned out!

Hope everyone is staying warm & dry ~

we're experiencing another Indiana weather moment...

cold winds and ice!

Going to be a nasty start to the a.m.

BRRRRRR.....I'm soooooo ready for Spring!

Take care everyone and have a great day tomorrow!


  1. Fantastic cover, Ronnie. What a happy accident! LOL

  2. Oh, I love the cover...especially the huge letters, with the "C" on it's back!! The license plate stamp is really fantastic!


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