Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I can see my desktop again!

After months of just pulling goodies out to use I was finally able to see my desktop again today...it's been a while but things are finding homes after all the chaos. I still have a disaster on the kitchen table but I need to figure out where lots of things are going yet.

The good news is I believe tomorrow I'll be able to work on making some step by steps for the ATC holder I promised to share. I thought about just showing pics of it but that would be a mean tease not showing how it's made - LOL!!

Tonite I wanted to show you how nice my nails look....it's quite a change after the last few months of them being steeped in ink, paints and glue. I had them done because it's my fingers in the pics!!


And as promised pics from my trip to Indy...

this is Donna - my text editor and myself :)

Wiley Photos015

Here is a pic of Pam - Photos Editor; Matt - Photographer & Jodi - Assistant. This is taken from the loft/office area.

Wiley Photos014

And a few pics of Matt's new studio - the photos on the wall are all Matt's work - cool stuff huh?

Wiley Photos019

Wiley Photos018

Wiley Photos020

So there you go...Indy in a nutshell ;)

Hope you stop back in tomorrow and check out the instructions for the ATC holder.

Till then ~ have a great night!


  1. O-00 la-la look at those pretty hands!! Just love that they 'clean up so well"...you look perfect for the big ocassion! Thanks for sharing where you had been hanging. Happy stamping tomorrow-hope it all feels like play time!...Jan

  2. WOOOOWWW!!! You painted your nails with actual polish made for finger nails!?!? :~O I can't believe it!

    LOL!! you look great and OMG?!?! That sweater is very very close to RED!! eeek! LOL!!
    The studio looks like a very professional place, I see all your baggies ready to go. :~) CAn't wait to see this book! I'm so excited!

  3. What an amazing experience. But, selfishly, I am glad to have you back here, too. And, of course, hopefully you will have some you-time for that thing mysteriously called "a life" - I haven't figured that one out yet myself, but if you do, maybe you'll share.

    Congrats on a job well done, Ronnie. I am SO PROUD OF YOU!!

  4. LOL...yep, it's the nicest my nails have looked since I got married 23 years ago!

    Now Shannon...bite your tongue! The sweater is orange...it's actually what I had my pic taken in :) And you thought it was going to be blue - LOL!!


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