Wednesday, February 11, 2009

ATC Holder - Step 1

I previously showed you this set of ATC cards I made using Ranger's Dimensional Pearls....


I also mentioned I had a matching ATC Holder to go with it and here it is!






I got the idea to make these little gems from a gift card envie I received as a gift. It was an envelope that had been folded, one end slit open (where the gift card was slid into) and a sticker to hold it closed. I figured if you can do it with one why not pile them up and used chipboard to make the whole thing a bit more sturdy...of course I couldn't leave it there so I added a few more steps; inks; stamps and some fun!

I have taught this class a couple times and it seems to go better if you work in sections so that's what I'm going to do here as well. I had to go get batteries for my camera today so I am going to cover just the initial steps w/o pics today.


Envelopes - for now we'll be using No. 6 3/4 Envies (3 5/8" x 6 1/2")

Adirondack Color Wash; Glimmer Mist or other Spray-able Dye Ink

Dry Adhesive (ATG; Tape Runner; Etc)


White Cardstock

Colored Cardstock (to match design)

Book Tape (Optional - makes for stronger joints) - Making Memories or Other

Adirondack Dimensional Pearls - Ranger

Ink Blending Tool & Foams - Ranger

Rubber Stamps (Fancy Pants used in the ex.)

Archival Ink - Ranger

Non-Stick Craft Mat - Ranger


Scrap or Copy Paper

Velcro Dots or other Closure Piece

Beads (optional)

Wire (optional)

Embellishments (optional) (Primas & Stickles Glitter Glue used in the example)


Step 1 - Creating the Pockets

1. Determine how many pockets you wish your finished holder to contain. It will need to be an even number as we will be folding each envelope in half to create each pocket. I like to include anywhere from 8-26 pockets. You may use more or less - if it's being made for a specific swap where you know there will be 20 finished ATC's for example. We're going to be making a 14 pocket holder at this time so we'll need 7 envelopes.

2. I know this is the yucky part but you will need to seal each envelope securely....let's just hope they are the minty tasting ones instead of the nasty tasting ones ;) If you're not adventurous or feel the need to lick up a bunch of glue you can moisten an Ink Blending Foam with water and swipe it across the glue.

3. Optional - If you would like you may at this time stamp on each envie using Archival or other permanent ink. I don't always stamp the envies but sometimes it's fun just to add that extra detail. It gives the finished holder a bit more dimension.

4. Spread out several layers of newsprint. Spread the sealed envies out over the newsprint so the sides aren't touching (you don't want them sticking together or layered at all).

5. Mist the envies with one or more colors of spray dye ink. If you are using more than one color it is best to apply one color at a time letting each color dry before you add the next. This will prevent the colors running together creating ink mud. Let side #1 dry.

6. Flip all of the envies over and coat the second side just as you did the first.

7. At this point I place the wet envies onto sheets of copy or scrap paper and let them dry overnight. The envies must be completely dry before you move onto the next few steps.

That's where we'll leave it for today...tomorrow we'll continue on with assembling the insides and possibly the cover.

Have a great evening everyone!!


  1. Hallo again!
    This ATC-holder are soooo beeautiful. I love the way you decorate it and the handel is perfect for it.
    I'm member of Club Scrap and in 2008 they have a simmilar prosject in one of their kit.(one for ATC's and one larger for photos)
    I made them both but didn't find any idea to decorate give me inspiration...and finaly I can finished them.
    Thanks a lot for sharing this with us.
    Trine from Norway

  2. Just discovered your blog, What a pretty little card holder, I will be back when i have more time to read :)Juliet

  3. this is genius, I am SO going to make me one :) or two :) or many LOL
    These seem great for ATC swaps, the little ones will travel safely in a pocket like that!!


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