Friday, February 20, 2009

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers

Ask and ye shall receive!!

I got to thinking about GailnGA's request about doing something with colored flowers.

You could stamp on them with Archival or other permanent inks...

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers007

But then I thought about trying a variation on one of my favorite techniques - Faux Batik!

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers001

Again, the supplies are pretty basic:


Flowers to dye

Clear Embossing Ink - Ranger Industries

Clear Embossing Powder - Ranger Industries


Spray Dye Ink - Glimmer Mist-Tattered Angles; Adirondack Color Wash - Ranger

Embossing Gun


1. Ink your stamp up very want to be sure to get good coverage as there are no second chances on flowers.

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers002

2. Stamp the flower - if your stamp is smaller than the flower, re-ink and continue stamping until the flower has been covered. Don't worry about the ink drying out, embossing ink stays wet for quite a while.

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers003

3. Place the stamped flower in a tidy tray or box top lid and sprinkle the clear embossing powder over the whole flower...

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers004

make sure you cover the entire piece since you can't really see where all of the ink is.

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers005

4. Heat to melt the ep's. Move the heat gun around frequently so you don't scorch the flower.

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers006

5. Once the flower has cooled, spritz with your favorite spray dye ink....

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers009

6. (optional) If so desired, you may place the flower between two sheets of copy paper and heat with an iron to remove the embossing powders. I thought the embossed images were pretty cool so I left them. The shiny images gave the flower more dimension.

You'll end up with a flower that has taken on the color of the dye with the original color peeking through where the images have been embossed....

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers011

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers012

Of course this works with white flowers as well but it just doesn't have the same pizzazz that colored flowers offer.

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers013

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers015

And once combined with solid colored flowers they really make the finished flowers pop!

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers016

Faux Batik Dyed Flowers017

So there you go GailnGA ~ a fun technique to try with those big tacky colored flowers ;) I hope you give it a go and let me know how you like them.

Good luck and have fun!


Ye ole weatherman is predicting anywhere

from 2-8" of snow for our area this weekend.

I had hoped we were done with the white stuff but I guess Mother Nature has decided we need a bit more.

Ahhh well...such is life in Indiana!

I hope you all have a safe and relaxing weekend!!!


  1. I can't believe I'm first and I've already played with these techniques. Simply mind boggling awesome. I had those pesky things left over from projects and of course they didn't fit into anything, so now I have a whole new crop of art! Thanks for inspiring us :).

  2. YES! I'm glad you gave it a whirl!! It is fun isn't it ~ So glad you enjoyed it marlis!!

  3. Looks beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  4. What a fun, fun project! I just found your blog coming from my friend Michelle Palmer's. Thanks, Michelle!
    You've got some very clever ideas here! I'll be back! Have a very happy Sunday!
    Diane from Diane's Musings

  5. GORGEOUS, Ronni. You've outdone yourself this time. Wow!

  6. Those are SO cool & your directions are very clear. You're so creative & good at explaining things that you should write a book.. oh wait, you already did! LOL I can't wait 'til it comes out!

  7. oh my! i love this!!! i would love to try this technique and will surely credit you for the infos!!!

  8. I've got some big ugly dollar store flowers, I should take apart and do this to. What a cool idea!! Thanks so much for sharing this. Now I won't throw those flowers out!

  9. How.Flippin'.GOOOOOORGEOUS IS THAT?!?!!?!?!? I am *LOVING* your blog!


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