Thursday, June 19, 2008

A Never ending e-mail....

I'm sorry I don't have the AI examples done yet...I've been working on getting my guys packed up ready to go to an Antique Tractor Show this weekend. You know all that fun stuff ~ laundry (because this week they wore ALL the cloths they want to take with them - DUH!), packing, gathering items the will need, shopping for drink/snacks, packing the cooler, etc. The upside to it all is I'll have 2 days of uninterrupted play time!! Woo Hoo for me - LOL!! Going to see if Mom wants to come over and play too :)

Anyway, I wanted to share something that's has been going on today that sort of tickles my odd sense of humor. (Some of you may also be getting these messages as well so you might be able to relate.) It all started this a.m. ~ I got an e-mail about a sale at a small stamp company. No biggie, I get these several times a day...cause well if I see a new stamp company I gotta sign up for their newsletters ;) Anyway, someone hit the "Reply to All" button with a ? about shipping out of the country. (honest mistake) That got the ball rolling!! Rather than e-mail the owner personally several other people ALSO hit the Reply to All....wondering why they were getting these messages (let me just say - DUH!!). Then several more people hit the RTA button explaining/complaining and it is STILL going on even now as I type this cause there was just ANOTHER message arrive. La La La...

O.k... now that I've got that off my chest I feel better - LOL!!

Oh yeah...I'll be posting the AI stuff later tonite ;)


  1. I've been giggling right along with you (and admittedly rolling my eyes a few times, too). Can't wait to see the latest AI goodies!

  2. I'm an IT Manager...this happens ALL the time at our corporation. Then I'm one of the people that has to explain to them all that they are spamming themselves and to just step away from the keyboard! :-)

  3. I am on that exact same list!!! I just watched the whole drama...

    Ps... I've been loving this week's posts about the different inks! Thank you!

  4. LOL!! Good to know I wasn't the only one giggling about this whole thing! Gosh Smullis - I would hate to have your job!! Isn't it funny people don't "get" that...


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