Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Alcohol Inks - Adirondack vs. Pinata

Someone (sorry, I don't recall your name) asked me to share the differences between Ranger's Adirondack Alcohol Ink (24 colors available) and Jacquard Pinata Alcohol Inks (17 colors available). The major difference between the two is the color palette. I'm sure many of you are familiar with the Adirondack Line of colors - very earthy and rich tones. Jacquard's Pinata Inks while very rich are what you'd normally think of finding in crayon box....bright yellow, blue, green, etc. To demonstrate what I'm talking about I made this little chart showing what each color looks like by just dropping it onto the glossy cardstock as well as applying a small amount with the Ink Applicator & Felts.


Here are the individual colors close up to really show the difference -

Red -

AI's003 - red

Orange -

AI's003 - orange

Yellow -
(not sure what happened to the Butterscotch - must have been something with the paper.)

AI's003 - yellow

Green -

AI's003 - Green

Blue -

AI's003 - Blue

Brown -

I used Rust from the Adirondack line as the Espresso is so much darker than Pinata's Burro Brown.

AI's003 - brown

Now I did notice that the Adirondack Alcohol Inks were a bit more "fluid" than the Pinata Alcohol Inks were. They seemed to spread much more drop for drop. Not that this is good or bad either way, it's just different.

Something else I took note of was that when pounced onto the glossy cardstock using the Ink Applicator & Felts the Adirondack Alcohol Inks tended to blend together more while the Pinata Alcohol Inks resulted in a more layered look adding a bit of depth.

There is a feature about the Pinata line that I particularly like. Jacquard offers a white alcohol ink. You can mix this with any of their colors to produce a pastel color with varying tones depending on the ratio of white vs. colors. A VERY cool option that allows for custom colors.

Each line offers their own form of blending solution. The Adirondack line has Ink Blending Solution and Jacquard has the Claro (extending solution) & Clean Up Solution.

I personally love each because while they are both Alcohol Inks they offer very different colors which has their place on various projects.

I will be sharing a few projects tomorrow made using each as well as a combination of the two brands.

Hope you stop back in and take a look!


  1. Thanks for the comparison. I don't think I have ever seen the Pinata Inks for sale here in the UK, but if I ever do it sounds like it would be fun to give them a try.

  2. While I love and collect both, lol, I did just want to add in two more HUGE pluses to the Pinata. They have them available in what Jacquard calls an "Exciter Pack" - 7 colors (one of which is white) plus the extender and cleaner. This is how I originally got hooked! The other big plus is that the Jacquard comes in two sizes - I WISH Ranger would follow suit and offer larger sizes in at least the more popular colors!

    And yes, you really do need all the colors of both brands!

  3. I agree, Jenna. I would love for Ranger to come out with 1) a large size option so I can buy the colors I use the most individually and, 2) a white to blend with the others. Does Jaquard have metallics? That is another reason why I like the Ranger alcohol inks. (Oh - also because the colors are wonderful and match my other ink types (dye, pigment, etc.) The metallics go a long way and they add that little extra glamor and pop to my projects.

    Nice comparison, Roni. Thanks!


  4. I have never even heard of the Pinata alcohol inks! Now that I've learned to love the Ranger alcohols, I'll need to search online for the Pinatas. Would love to have all the colors in both lines!!

  5. I agree Jenna that's how I got hooked on AI in the first place...the exciter pak!!! I also love the AAI metallic...and don't see why you couldn't use these with the Pinata' dream is the Jacq's Halo colors in AI!!! woohoo now wouldn't that be somethin!

  6. Thanks Roni this comparison is great! Can't wait to see you examples tomorrow!

  7. This post is so great! I work with, teach & sell AI. Pinata's are artist grade, and highly pigmented. Brighter palette of colors. Rangers are earthy. You are right about the white! FABULOUS uses. Krylon leafing pens add a much better mettalic 'pop' than Rangers Mettalic Mixetives (my opinion). Ranger does sell their colors individually. Larger sizes would be AWESOME.
    Thanks again for sharing!

  8. Just what I ws looking for THANK YOU>


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