Monday, June 23, 2008

Good Dog!

Wanted to share a lo about one of my favorite 4 legged friends - Fidget. He is just so funny ~ I took these pics before he went to the groomer so I'd have before & after pics. He thought he was getting something special because after I took the first pic (lower left) he sat up and started begging - LOL!! How could I resist such a good boy...I ended up giving him a little treat!

Good Dog - green paisley

Anyway, on to the ink....I have a real thing for green lately. I used 3 shades of Adirondack Inks to stamp the background...Pesto, Lettuce & Willow. (stamps are CTMH) The Maya Road acrylic letters (Good Dog) and the "F" were all inked using Lettuce Alcohol Ink. I just love Stampboard pieces ~ they are sooooo much fun to work with! The one I used behind the "F" was inked using Pesto AI & Copper Metal Mixative (mmmm what a combo!!). I smudged up the mats & around the background paper using Peeled Paint Distress Inks & IBT.

Have you hugged your four legged friend today?


  1. this is just too sweet!!! what a cutie fidget is!!

  2. Ooooh... I have, I have! I have hugged all three of my 4-legged family members.

    Man... Fidget is so darn cute that I had to give MY good-boy dog a treat, too! Sheesh. What a racket they've got going, huh? I never get treats for looking cute! LOL

    Love the color combo, Roni. I like using several shades and doing mono-tone projects. And the best part is I know I won't screw up my color combining. It just blows my mind when a really good artist puts olive green with, like, turquoise and makes it work! If I did that, mine would end up in the garbage. lol

    Fun post!


  3. Let's hear it for our 4 legged friends!! Very fun layout and I love seeing that cutie hamming it up for the camera!!
    I've been into green a lot lately as well...such a cool, soothing color for the hot summer days!

  4. awww, Fidget's so cute ... makes me just wanna HUGGGG him! oh, and I love green too :)

  5. ooooww ;) That is soooo sweet!
    wonderful layout. love the green combos!

  6. I so enjoy your blog. Thank you.

  7. Thanks everyone...Fidgy thanks you too...he's got a new friend now ~ my oldest found a chihuahua abandoned in a local park. Went to the vet and got the all clear (he's only 6 mo. old!!) His name is Bandit. :) So now we have 3 dogs...a small (bandit), medium (fidget) and large (cecil) - LOL!! Course I realize those sizes are all relative compared to some dogs out there they are all small. ;)

  8. OMGosh I LOVE it!! Fidget is just adorable - especially when he's begging! No wonder you gave him a treat!! The card is really cute too! :-)

    Funny that you'd say that about green - we just painted our kitchen a very pale green & that is absolutely not a color I'd have ever thought I'd have on my walls!! I love it though - so crisp & cool! :-)

    That is great that you rescued a dog! So many are out there needing homes, I had no idea what a problem it was until recently. Now I want to adopt hundreds (but since we have FOUR pets & live in a condo where we're only supposed to have ONE, I guess I shouldn't complain! LOL


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