Saturday, July 18, 2015

Suede Travel Journal....

YES - I love making journals and books of all sorts so I what tickled when IMAGINE Crafts gave us a travel theme to work with.  I instantly knew I wanted to make a travel journal our of some wicked suede that we picked up recently.    

It's included in today's post over on the IMAGINE Crafts blog along with a few other lovely Travel themed creations.

The complete instruction and supply list can be found here:

Here is what it looks like when it's all finished and ready to close.....

I filled the journal with all sorts of fun pages and pockets...

I wanted the extra 2 flaps to keep everything I tuck inside of it to stay where I put it, safe and sound...

And it's got a wicked wrap around strap that is secured to a post.

I hope you give it a try and make your own!


  1. Awesome looking journal, such a beautiful work of art.


  2. Your journal is amazing! What a great keepsake for a journey.

  3. I love your journal, Roni! I like the top and bottom flaps to keep things contained - nice idea. Thanks for the great tutorial.

  4. That is rugged awesome. Love it


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