Thursday, July 30, 2015

Card 'n a Box Template

Today I wanted to share the template and instructions for making your own Card 'n a Box from the Club Scrap blog hop yesterday....

As I was looking around for various ideas I saw something similar but it was much smaller and it was an origami project...very complicated, lots of folds and basically lots of work.  As I did a bit more looking it turned out that similar projects while not as complicated as the origami they were still far more involved than they needed to be.  Extra parts and pieces that fit together but no really necessary .

So I did a bit of re-engineering and came up with 
"KISS" (Keep It Simple Stupid) template 
for basically the same thing with far less work.

Here's what I came up with....

Starting off with the outer case.  This is where so many examples I saw were really complicated - most were made with 2 or more parts fitting together when all you really need is a single sheet of cardstock, a few scores and you're set.

Score 1" line on both of the long sides and one in the center horizontally.

Cut the 1" score marks on either side of the center fold.

Add a piece of double stick tape to both flaps on each side and adhere them to the corresponding flap.  That's it!  Your case is done!  If you're using pretty print cardstock as I did no further decoration is needed.

Next, the's basically just a straight forward tray...  1" score lines along each of the 4 sides, cut 1" at each corner as shown.

Since this tray was going into the sleeve I cut out a half circle in the front so it could be pulled out easily.  A bit of tape on the cut & folded corners and you're set to go.

The tray slides in the case easily and is ready to be filled!

I made the card and mounted it on a matted panel and attached it to the top of the box and it's done!  So very easy but such a nice little gift.  I also thought it might make a fun organizer if you used heavy cardstock - you could make several and stack them up to hold pre-cut card mats or panels, bits of extra cardstock, small embellishments, etc.  Really any small bits that need organizing.

Another idea I had was to make 6 or 12 of these cases, stack 'em up and use them to store birthday and/or holiday cards in monthly drawers.  

So many ideas from one simple design.
Hope I've inspired you to give it a try!


  1. Awesome! KISS indeed . . . that's MY kind of crafting. Thanks for simplifying this useful project for the rest of us.

  2. Yes, i can relate to complicated origami folding Roni LOL!!
    I love it when a project can be recreated on a much simpler level. Thanks for sharing the details!!

  3. Thanks for the directions,Roni! I've been doing some drawers for empty boxes around the house -- mostly bouillon boxes that are small and are stacked in groups of 5 then wrapped for a dresser effect. The drawers hold small die cut sentiments. If you go through a lot of band aids, the same idea could be used.

  4. Yes I agree so many out there are far more complicated than they should be. Thanks for going through the time to do this for us. I even think I will be able to do this. Haha. We'll see.
    I like the idea of using it for cards by theme/holiday. I might just have to make a couple for gifts.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!