Monday, February 3, 2014

Marker Spritzer Air Tool & Die Cuts

After I shared the initial post about the spritzer air tool last week I had several e-mails asking to see more techniques.  Seems lots of people have one but just never used it after they bought it.

Today I wanted to share a fun technique pairing the spritzer with die-cut, paper punchies, or hand cut shapes.


Marker Spritzer Air Tool
Die-cuts, paper punchies, hand cut or machine cut images


1. Temporarily adhere your die-cut to your cardstock.  Since Valentine's Day is right around the corner I thought I'd use a heart...since I don't have a heart die-cut yet I simply hand cut one.

2. Insert your marker into the tool, tighten the screw so the marker is held snugly in place.

3. Spritz the color over the die-cut as desired.  For the initial pink I held it fairly close to the die-cut for a more concentrated color.

4. Repeat steps 2 & 3 as many times as desired.  I will be using 3 different colors for this example.  For the second color I spritzed the magenta marker holding it several inches above the cardstock to cover a larger area with a finer mist.

Finally I used the red marker to add both closer patterns on the right side and upper left curve of the heart as well as back a bit for a more dispersed area of color.

When you remove the die-cut you're left with a really fun design that you can use is so many different ways.

I chose to die-cut the spritzed paper a couple of times.
I also stamped and embellished the heart to finish off this lace, circle card.

Now of course there are so many other fun techniques you can employ with the spritzer.  I will get a few more techniques around to share but in the mean time I hope this has inspired you to dig that spritzer out, dust it off and give it another whirl.

Here's to a wonderfully inky week friends!

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  1. Hi Roni, I enjoy your blog and comments!! I took a little time this morning to look through your Inky Labels to see you had used and found the spritzer tool for markers. I am definitely going to purchase one in the near future and was wondering what company yours was from plus how you liked it. I was thinking of buying Tim Holtz's tool as his products are good quality but I know there are some other companies now making them also.

    Thanks and have a blessed day, Cheri


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