Thursday, February 27, 2014

Memories of Paris Collage Tag

Today I wanted to share a collaged tag that incorporates rubber stamping, shimmery paints, watercoloring, collage images and more!  It's my Memories of Paris Collage Tag!

I started off by stamping this cool image on white cardstock using Archival Ink.

Then I painted the image using my Niji Waterbrush and Distress Stains.  I used to use my Distress Inks pounced on my craft mat to watercolor but since Ranger came out with the Distress Stains I pick the ink right off of the dabber top!  It saves lots of me on this...  Before not only were my fingers ink stained so were my wrists, elbows, sleeves, and whatever else I could manage to drag through the ink!

I usually quickly dry my image if I'm going for lots of layers and contrast in an image - that saves alot of heart ache from ruined images due to lots of excess moisture.

Here is what the skirt looks like after being colored with only Chipped Sapphire.

But by going back in with Broken China I added a whole other aspect to the skirt.  I did the same thing with her overcoat.  I started off using a single color then went back in with highlights of a second and third.  Don't be afraid to layer in the really adds a new dimension to your images.

Next I trimmed my collage images with a deckle edge rotary knife and hand colored them using my Niji Pearl Paints.  I love this paint, it not only adds a hint of color but a beautiful luster & shimmer as well.

I also used these paints to color my tag.  There a several metallic looking colors - copper, silver, bronze, etc. that really give a nice warm feel to your project.  I started off by just dragging the colors over the tag.

Here is what it looks like so far...I used copper, bronze and a smokey silver.

I went back in and loaded up my brush with a chocolate brown which I flicked over the entire card.  It's hard to see in the photos but is shows up really cool in person.

I added a bit of text and added a shadow to the bottom of the card where I was going to be placing my woman image.  (I test fit her to know where to add the shadow).

I added the hand colored Paris collage images; stamped a few postmarks and little flourishes here and there, added a sticker with the word "Memories" written on it and finished it off by adding the woman with double stick foam tape and a bit of Sari Ribbon.

And here's the finished tag.....

Supply List: 

Distress Stains
Archival Ink

Well, it looks like old man winter isn't ready to give in just yet....this has officially been the snowiest winter on record in my area and we're not done!  We had about 1/2" this morning, Friday night into Saturday morning we're supposed to get an inch and then Sunday they say we will probably get at least 6" if not more....  Not to mention temps in the 10's - teens as highs and 0's and below (without the wind chills).  

I hope you are fairing better in your neck of the woods but from what they've been talking about on the news it seems like everyone is still fighting the bitter cold, snow and now ice!

Hang on folks...winter can't last forever!
Spring is just around the corner...
Just seems like at this moment we're spinnin' our wheels a bit to get to that corner - LOL....
we'll get there eventually...we're just going to use ink to pave the way!

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