Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gesso & Stencils on Black

Today I have a fun combination of mediums & tools to play around with... Gesso paired with stencils over black cardstock!  


Black Cardstock
Squeegee (or other tool to spread the gesso)
Masking or Washi Tape (for securing the stencil)
Color Medium - Gelatos, Distress Stain, Watercolor Paints, Watercolor Markers, Etc.


1. Use a bit of temporary adhesive and stick the cardstock to your non-stick craft mat.  Position the stencil over the cardstock and use Washi or Masking Tape to secure it where desired.

2. Add a dollop of gesso on the stencil/cardstock and spread it around evenly across the cardstock until it's completely covered.

3. Carefully scrape away any excess gesso and remove the stencil.  You'll want to wash the stencil immediately or at least wipe it down.

And here's what my gesso stenciled black cardstock looked like!  
I LOVE the contrast between the two and it's even better IRL because of the texture achieved with the gesso.

4. Apply desired color medium over the gesso.  For this example I am using Gelatos which I just  scribbled on here and there.

I then used my Niji Waterbrush to blend the colors together.

And then I wiped a dry cloth across the cardstock to pick up any excess moisture and finish blending.

Here is what I did with it....

Stamp Credits: Flower & Bottle - Inkadinkado; 
Sentiment - Avery Elle

I made a second example but this time I used Distress Stain swiped across the gesso which I then blended together using a piece of cut & dry foam...

as you can see my foam had a bit of residual ink from another project which transferred to this project.  I was upset at first but the more I looked at it the more I liked it.

And here's the fun little card I made using this piece!

Stamp Credit: Deep Red Stamps

So there you have it...
amazing how just changing from a white cardstock base to black 
will change the whole look and feel of a project.   

I hope you'll give it a try!


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  2. This looks so awesome, I cant wait to try it. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Question, have you ever been followed my a security guard at a museum because you impulsively have to touch everything? We'll I have, and Roni, I am so excited about this technique because I can almost feel the texture of the gesso through my iPad! Now I don't have your fabulous stencil, but I know that my husband has a piece of scrap metal with a very similar design so I am definitely going to try this beautiful technique.


  4. Oops, I did mean to say, followed by a security guard.
    This is a true story...I guess I am one of your "wild child" followers who likes to live on the edge! ROFL

  5. I love how you used this technique for your cards. Glad you decided to use the second one that got residual ink from the foam pad on it. That sometimes happens to me when I use a cosmetic wedge. At first being the perfectionist I am I would throw what I was working on away. Now I embrace such happenings.

    Can't wait to play some more with gesso and stencils.:-)


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!