Monday, February 24, 2014

Water Coloring Stamped Images

I got a couple e-mails recently asking about what type of paper I use and how I watercolor my images so I thought I'd share a bit about just that...

Normally I use Georgia Pacific 110lb cardstock which you can find just about anywhere.  I did however buy a package of Neenah cardstock the last time I was at the office supply store just to see what all the talk was about.  Yes, I know I'm a bit behind on the times...but if something works why mess with it right?  Anyway, I really like the feel of the Neenah cardstock ~ it's got a much smoother feel that the GP but I've yet to stamp on it so that is a talk for another day.

When I plan on water coloring my stamped images I always stamp with Archival Ink - usually black but sometimes other colors when appropriate.  I also use my Niji Waterbrush for water coloring as well.  Why?  Because when I use the waterbrush I don't have to have a container of water setting around...inevitably when I do I end up spilling it!  I have had this brush for probably 15 years now and it's THE BEST!  I never have any trouble with it and it's still going strong after all that time.

Before the Distress Stains came out I mainly used my Distress Inks to water color images... I simply pounced some ink onto my craft mat and picked up the ink with my brush.  Now that I have Distress Stains I pick the ink right off the dabber top.  It's wonderful!  I usually start off with darker layers of color (less water, more ink) and then gradually pull more and more water moving the inks across the image layer after layer.  Depending on how much contrast I want in an image I may dry the area with my heat tool between layers of ink - specially if I'm going for a deeper color in some areas.

I use the edge of my paper to clean the brush with every color's just easier for me.  I also test colors along the edge as well - sometimes you have too many color choices and need to see them side-by-side.  You want to test it on the paper you're using ~ colors react differently to various types of paper so it may have one look on one piece  of paper and a totally different look on another.

And I never worry about the outside lines since 9x's out of 10 I am going to cut the image out anyway.  There are those rare occasions when I do stamp & color on the finished cardstock.  Luckily Niji makes a few sizes of brush tip to help with staying in the lines a bit better than I did here.

This image will be used in an upcoming creation for Altered Pages...
so you'll have to wait to see the finished project until then :)

This week is a busy one...

Tuesday is 2 for Tuesday for Altered Pages 
That's where the Altered Pages DT uses AP Collage Images combined with one or more products.  It's fun to see how everyone starts off with the same requirements and creates such different projects.  This months products were use Dylusions Ink and/or Gelatos  and the Niji Waterbrush if possible.    I used all of them!

Wednesday is February's Club Scrap Blog Hop
This month's kit - "Big Deal" is so cool!  I can't wait to share my creation with you all!

Of course I'll have more techniques, cards and projects as well!


  1. this was like a mini tutorial-thanks for the info and keep us posted on the paper-I to have not use the Neenah.

  2. thanks for the info. Never thought of just getting the color from the stain dauber top.... (what a dah moment!). I also am looking forward to your thoughts about the Neenah paper.

    Again, thanks!


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