Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Tape Ink Transfer Technique - Valentine's Day Card

The Tape Ink Transfer Technique was one I used last month for 
the 2014 Technique Calender - March calendar page.  
I had so much fun with it I thought it would be fun to make a few more cards with it to show it's versatility.

Today's card is a Valentine's Day card using a few colors of Archival Ink - 
Rose Madder, Magenta Hue & Red Geranium.  


Masking, Washi or Decorative Tape
Ink Pads
Embellishments & Stamps to finish off your card


1. Peel off one or more pieces of tape that you will use to transfer the ink to the cardstock.  I am using a Decorative Masking tape from Scotch Brand Tape.

2. Take a piece of tape and press the sticky side of the tape into the ink pad so the tape picks up the ink.  It doesn't have to have complete coverage...I think it produces a vintage/distressed feel when you have a sketchy looking strip of ink.  It reminds me of when you are painting a wall ~ that first or second strip of the roller brush.  I love it!

3. Carefully place the tape on the cardstock where desired. Lightly press the tape on the cardstock to ensure full contact with the paper.  Gently lift the tape off the cardstock to reveal the transferred ink design.

Here is my piece of cardstock after all three colors have been transferred to the paper.

4. You can finish off your card as desired.  Since I wanted to make a Valentine's Day card I used this vintage looking heart from Just For Fun stamps.

And here's the finished card...

To show a bit of the dimension of the paper pieced image.
The black dots are Pearl Pens from Viva Decor.

I simply love this technique...
I'm sure you'll see more of it from me in the future :)

Stay Inky Friends!!!


  1. Thank you Roni for giving us all these different techniques to practice, I have been enjoying them all, even though I have not commented very much, I always read your Blog.
    Love this card, I am going to give this a try.

  2. Super technique Roni and I loved the look of stamped ink using the tape.. Will surely try this..

  3. Thanks for sharing this technique. I really love the outcome and your card and have to try it

  4. Such a simple cheap technique but so impressive. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Great and simple, thanks for sharing :)

  6. What a gorgeous card! and a terrific technique...I've not seen this one before! the card turned out marvelous. just the right amount of bling...:)


  7. love this card and love to see your ideas, I cant wait to see the next project, they are all so gret. Thank you for sharing how you do them.Rose

  8. This technique blows me away with the fact that it's so simple...and almost FREE!!!


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