Thursday, June 2, 2011

Origami Tie & More to Add to the Origami Shirt Card!

Hi All!

Today I wanted to share a few ideas to spruce up the Origami Shirt Card I shared on Tuesday. 

The first idea I have is to add a few stitches here and there to really make the shirt look you can see here I added a few around the collar with a Sharpie Extra Fine Marker.  I have in the past added stitches to other areas of the shirt but I never gave it a thought when I used this particular pattern paper.  The paper it's self has what looks like stitches in it already so when you add more they just blend in.  Sooo...won't be showing you that.  But you know where the stitches are most likely to appear from looking at a regular shirt ~ around a pocket, sleeves, front seam, etc. 

Origami Shirt Card - Extras 002

Another fun thing to add to your card would be buttons!!  You all know how much I love buttons.  Of course I had some in my stash that fit perfectly!  Simply affix with a Glue Dot, your favorite liquid glue or you could really stitch them on if you're feeling ambitious.

Origami Shirt Card - Extras 001

If you'd rather not mess with buttons how about using some mini brads in whatever color you have on hand?  They would make a great little addition to give your shirt a bit of authenticity.

Origami Tie -


Pattern Paper (3x3)


1. Flip the pattern paper over so you're looking at the back (white) side.  It should be orientated so it looks like a diamond ~ with one corner pointing at yourself.

2. Fold the left point of your diamond in towards an imaginary center line. 

3. Fold the right point of your diamond in towards the center so it meets the left side that has already been folded in.  Your paper should now look like a kite.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 012

4.  Flip the kite over so the pattern side is facing up.

5.  Swivel the kite around so the skinny end is pointing away from you.

6.  Fold approximately 1" down towards the center.

7.  Now fold approximately half of that 1" that you folded down back up.

 Origami Shirt Card & Tie 013

8. Now make a tiny crease approximately 1/16" from the top edge of your paper.  Fold the rest of the original fold from step #6 back up at this crease line.

Here is what your tie should look like at this point.... The last few steps formed your tie's knot.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 014

9. Now filp your paper back over so the original folds are facing up.

10.  Fold one of the outer edges towards the imaginary center line.  You'll have to pay special attention to the knot folds as they take a bit more pressure to get a nice crease.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 015

11.  Fold the other edge towards the center meeting the first fold.

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 016

And now you have a completed tie!!!

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 017

You can add it to your shirt with a dab of glue...

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 018

How cool is that???

Well there is one final step I like to add to the shirt card before I give it away.  I find that it makes for a nicer finished look if you add a bit of plain cardstock (white or colors) to the inside of your card.  It hides all the folded areas and gives you a nice space to add a sentiment, words of advice or wishes.  You can stamp on these areas before or after your card has been assembled.  If you're like me though I suggest doing it before you affix it to the card.  Prevents unexpected mishaps that might require you to start over ;)

Origami Shirt Card & Tie 019

So there you go...
A fun and I hope easy to follow card idea for all the guys in your life!
Keep in mind though this card could easily be altered to make a pretty, feminine blouse for your gal pals too!


  1. Great card and wonderful tutorial! I once used a similar origami shirt technique to make hawaiian shirts on a wall hanging.

  2. Very neat! Gotta love origami. Hmmm... maybe I'll give a try, too? Maybe make it a bit bigger overall, and then I could add a breast pocket to the blouse/shirt, and put a teeny, tiny secret folded message in there? You'd prolly need a pair of tweezers to retrieve that message and read it! LOL!


  3. Roni -

    Thank you so much for the tutorial! I really love how this turned out and the tie is just awesome!

    Elaine Allen

  4. Totally wonderful card Roni! I have made a shirt card before, but never one with an origami tie. So cute!

  5. How cute is this?!!! It actually made me smile...that tie just completes it perfectly!

  6. This is just too cool!!!!! Beautiful work!!!!!

  7. Oh Roni, love this brillant idea, this is just in time for a father's day card design!


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