Monday, June 6, 2011

Busy Busy Busy...Up coming Previews!

Happy Monday!!!!
(do you feel all that energy?!?!)

Things have been wild here and I know some of my posts have been short but there is a good reason.  It's CHA time again (I know I know...just seems like the stuff from the Winter CHA in January are just now shipping) and I've been working my tail off the last couple weeks on projects for Ranger. 

I ended up making 28 cards, tags or other stamped goodies in the last 2 weeks and I'm wiped out!  Now I don't know how many they are going to use at CHA but I can tell you will eventually get to see them all right here!  I will be posting them with complete directions after I know what's what.

For today though I thought I'd share a few very close-ups just to entice you!

And for a bit of fun...
How about a Guessing Game & Give-A-Way to make it interesting ?????

I know it's tricky but can you guess which products are being showcased in each photo???

Mystery #1 -

Ranger - CHA Mystery 1

Mystery #2 -

Ranger - CHA Mystery 2

Mystery #3 -

Ranger - CHA - Mystery 3

Mystery #4 -

Ranger - CHA Mystery 4

All correct responses will be entered into a drawing for assorted Ranger Industries goodies!!!

You have until June 21st to guess!

Good Luck Everyone!!


  1. Well, I'm giggling like crazy because I'm a terrible guesser and as usual, I have no idea! LOL! Can't wait to see them in a form I recognize!

  2. Mystery number 1 looks like new perfect pearls
    Mystery number 2 not sure
    Mystery number 3 new alcohol inks
    Mystery number 4 some wonderful new embossing colors
    It will be interesting to see how far off the mark I am.

  3. No entry for me as I have no idea and I am still overwhelmed with the box of fabulous goodies I won with your last give!
    You must be tired after making so many pieces in such short time. I am looking forward to seeing them all in detail after CHA reveals. How about a nice beverage and a hot bubble bath to relax after all that work?!! Happy week to you...

  4. I was wondering if I fell off your reader list or something......
    Guessing is fun so what the heck
    #1 New Mica based paints pearlized or enamel based paints.
    #2 Adhesive strips/borders
    #3 Crackle Distress paints in more colors on new grunge board shapes
    #4 Party mints...hahaha new border stamps to fit a die?

    Fun trying to guess- I look forward to a final answer!

  5. Ok I am not good at guessing, but here goes:
    1. Dimensional pearls
    2.Enamel accents
    3. crackle accents
    4. Adrondack ink -lights

    That's my story and I am sticking to it! Cannot wait to see the whole picture. Thanks for the fun give-away!

  6. My best guess:

    #1 Alcohol Inks
    #2 Enamel Accents
    #3 Crackle Accents
    #4 Archival Ink

    Thanks for another fun contest and giveaway! Can't wait for the big reveal!

  7. I think number one is liquid or dimentional pearls, number two may be enamel accents, three I have no clue so im going to guess embossing powder and four I believe is the new colors of the archival ink pads. Thanks so much for the chance to win!
    Samjambam at optonline dot net

  8. You made those hard to guess! I'm not so hot at this game! I'm pretty sure one is Enamel Accents, and three is crackle accents. Not even a guess on the others!

  9. O.K. here I go:
    1. looks like dimensional paints like liquid pearls.
    2. some type of enamel accents - looks like it is plastic coated. maybe new colors of enamel accents.
    3. definately looks like crackle paint in a gold on a star which could be new grunge shape.
    4. new archival ink colors

    don't know how close I am but it is fun trying.
    stamping sue

  10. OMG! Want to get my ticket in this candy as I luv anything Ranger (and especially my Tim Holtz stuff), but those clues were a bit to hard to get.. *lol*
    Let's see:
    #1. A new range of Alcohol Inks!
    #2. Some cool new dies I guess? Or a punch of some kind? seems as steel in the piccie.
    #3. Crackle glossy accents type of laquer or enamel?
    #4. I am guessing on new pastel range of colors, for the tim holtz distress ink pads ~ the same kind of colors as on the pastel 12x12 paper pad maybe?

  11. wow im horrible at this kind of thing but it ALL LOOKS YUMMY so im gonna give it a go!!
    #1-new liquid pearl color
    #2-maybe a new bone fold..humm
    #3-new color crackle paint
    #4-new adirondack pigment ink
    i just LOVE your blog and how you give me AWESOME ideas and play with everything new and things i would never think of..THANK YOU!!

  12. Love guessing games. I'm a day late and a dollar short hehe :) but I'll guess anyways :) here goes:
    #1 Dimensional pearl paints.
    #2 Enamel accents.
    #3 Perfect pearl crackle paints.
    #4 Distress embossing powders.


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!