Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sharing a Ray of Sunshine....

I  thought I'd share a special ray of sunshine with you that I have right outside my door....

This beautiful blue delphinium is blooming right as we speak... Now I know to those of you in warmer climates this might not be anything special but let me tell you here in Indiana it is!  We had our first "killing" frost in early October.  We did have about 5 days of 60 degree weather which apparently was all this little plant needed.  Shortly after that week of nice weather this stalk shot up and it's been doing it's thing ever since!

It was 33 degrees this morning but this little plant is STILL going strong!  You can see in the background the day lilies have given up the ghost for the year and will return sometime next April. 

11-16-2010 - Delp 001

I know I should snip this stalk off but I just can't do it...the darn thing is just so pretty and it's so nice to walk outside to be greeted with such beauty!

11-16-2010 - Delp 002

So there you go...
A little ray of sunshine to brighten your day...
all the way from Indiana! 

Have a great day friends!

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