Monday, October 11, 2010

Vintage Glass Canning Lid Collage

Hey Everyone!

I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend! 

Time to start another fun filled Autumn week :)

Today I thought I'd share a nifty little collage project with you all.  If you recall several weeks ago I went to a farm auction and bought a pile of "stuff".  I only wanted a few specific items in the pile and these glass lids were one of them!

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 001

Of course they were way grungy when I bought them because they had been in the bottom of the barn for who knows how long.  So I gave them a good scrub and they look good as new!  Originally they were paired with rubber rings and lids to seal up canned goods....

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 003

They were then replaced with the common metal "throw-away" type lids...

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 004

Well we're going to pair one of the vintage glass lids with the newer metal lids to create a nifty little magnet!  I am going to make mine monochromatic (GREEN!) but you could work with a different theme if you like.


Glass Canning Lid
Metal Canning Lid
Alcohol Inks
Bic Markers (optional)
Glossy Accents
"Goodies" ~ This could be buttons, puzzle pieces, beads, gemstones, postage stamps, etc.


1. Color the rubber part of the metal jar lid.  I decided to use Bic Markers because it was easier than trying to ink the rim with my AI's & Ink Applicator/felt.  Totally up to you...

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 006

2. Now color the white area of the metal jar lid with Alcohol Ink(s).

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 008

3. Gather up your goodies to fill the lid.  This could be anything you would like to, beads, buttons, postage stamps, mini bits of this and that!  I wanted to create a monochromatic magnet so I gathered green goodies...

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 005

Place them in the jar lid right side facing down.

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 010

4. Apply a line of Glossy Accents to the outer edge of the metal jar lid rim. 

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 012

5. Place the metal jar lid on the filled glass lid and let dry.

6. (optional) if desired, affix a silk flower to the back of the lid to create a huge flower!

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 017

7. After the G.A. has dried completely glue the magnet to the back of the metal lid and you're done!

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 013

Vintage Ball Glass Lid Monochromatic Magnet 015

Pretty cool huh?

If you like this little collage magnet let me know ~

I'm going to be giving it away to one lucky reader!! 

If you don't win the finished magnet you might win a glass and metal lid so you can make your very own!!

You have until Friday ~ 10-15 to post!


  1. This is awesome Roni! Love the idea of adding the large flower to the back also. Without the magnet these would make great paperweights on a desk. I've never seen glass canning lids before. Its a shame they stopped using them, I love the look of them.

    Elaine Allen

  2. TFS! I LOVE what you created!! I'll definitely be on the lookout for some lids :)

  3. Awesome idea! I am always looking for inventive ways to create magnets. Super job as always!

  4. What an awesome Idea!! I love the vintage lids and can think of many places in the home I could use them! Thanks for sharing a great project.

  5. Great little collage! I'd love to win anything from you. LOL

  6. I love this project! Looks like great fun to collect all the little treasures to fit! Terrific!

  7. Very cool!! I love the idea of stowing little trinkets inside. This would make awesome gifts to give for Christmas. Put little goodies in each one according to the person it's intended for!! Thanks for another great idea, Roni!

  8. I came to your blog because someone told me you had a great tutorial on masking. When I first got here, I voted for your pumpkin, then decided to scroll through your posts and see if I could find the tutorial without the aid of blogger's search engine. Then I saw these canning lids and fell in love. I have a couple, but they are blue glass and paired with the jar. I will be on the lookout for more, though, since I like the looks of the finished project. It's ironic, because just tonight I threw some of those rubber ringed lids into the chiminea and burned the rubber off and "colored" them with fire. Never once considered AIs. Love the finished project. Now I'm off to find that masking technique. When I do (and use it), I'll let you know and link to your blog.

  9. well ty again for showing me something I havent seen! these are an awesome idea...I have the old jars, but no glass lids! I will be on the hunt for these as I think there are many possibilities, cher

  10. This is really great, I have never send the glass canning lids before. An awesome magnet, I might improvise with some glass coffee container lids. thanks for the great ideas and techniques

    Andrea by the Sea

  11. This is such a neat idea, I'd love to try it out TODAY!! But I don't have any canning lids... especially not the glass kind... *sigh*. I'll have to search for some, I guess. OR win your giveaway! :)


  12. The only ones I have are green, I wonder if I could fill them with something and use them on my desk? You always get me thinking, thanks Roni.

  13. This is very clever. I'm not sure I've seen the glass lids. I'd love to have some. I'll have to head for some of those auctions myself.
    Your magnet would make a perfect birthday gift. I will turn 49 tomorrow, Wednesday! Thanks for the opportunity to win and the neat ideas.

  14. As with everything you do, I am continually inspired by your creative endeavors. Very clever!! Your blog stimulates me to look at objects in new ways...


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!