Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Supply Challenge - Paper Punches!

Since so many people have talked about using what's in their stash and not wanting or are unable to buy new things I thought it would be a good time to start a Supply Challenge ~ hence the question I posted recently.

Supply Challenge
Paper Punchies & Scrap Paper

From the response I got, it sounds like lots of people have paper punches in their stash that they haven't used in a while!  I know I have TONS of them...bought several years ago when they were hot in the scrapbook world.  Well if you're like me they have sat idle for quite some time.  Today we're going to dust them off and put them to use!  This also helps out with all the scrap paper that we all save.

Border punches are so very cool BUT they are pretty expensive ~ around 15.00+ depending on the mfg, size, etc.  Why not pull out your punchies and use those instead!  Besides creating cool borders you can also use them as quick and easy accents on your cards.

Here is the card I started out with.  Now to spice it up instead of adding a strip of border punched cardstock how about adding a line of punchies instead!

Border Punch Alternative 001

I simply punched a few maple leaves, oak leaves and acorns from scraps of paper I had in my scrap basket!  I used a bit of tan, dark brown and a scrap of alcohol inked glossy cardstock that was a cut-off from the ATC I made yesterday.

Border Punch Alternative 002

And here's what I came up with...

Border Punch Alternative 003

Border Punch Alternative....

Border Punch Alternative 005

Matching Corner Accent....

Border Punch Alternative 007

So how's that for a bit of Supply Inspiration? 

As far as punchies go this is also something you can work on either as you create scrap paper or if you have a few spare minutes you can just sit and punch.  It will help cut down on all those scraps making your basket bulge and it will also give you a nice alternative to border punches!


  1. This is a great idea Roni. Now where did you get the acorn punch? LOL! I can't help it, it is to darn cute, I've never seen one before. And your card really came out wonderful. The little punchies really make a difference.


  2. A very fun idea!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

  3. Fantastic Idea! The card you made is Gorgeous!

  4. Beautiful card! Sometimes as my family sits to watch TV in the evening, I will get my stash of paper scraps and just punch, punch, punch. It makes me feel good to think I'm not just throwing all those 'trees' away!

  5. Did you punch the acorn tops, or did you hand cut these?


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!