Friday, October 1, 2010

Stampin Up Stamp Info

Several people have asked about what stamp set this image was from....

criss cross card 008

We've been makin' hay the last couple days and we were out of town today but I finally have the info.  It's a Stampin' Up set of course and it is called, "Gifts of the Earth".  I don't know how old it is or the actual set number because I bought it at a garage sale and the name was the only thing on the box.

I did check e-bay and it looks like there are 3 sets for sale at this time...
I don't know anything about the auctions or the sellers so I can't speak on that part but I do know the older the sets get the more $'s they bring.  
After looking at these auctions I guess I got a really good set was $10.00! 

If anyone would like me to stamp some of these images, jlmk the color and type of ink and paper color.  I'd be happy to share them with you!

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  1. Ooh! Love it!
    I'd love some please! I can send you some squares of watercolor paper if you will send me a message.


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