Saturday, October 2, 2010

Say it in a Card...

Did you realize Ink Stains has
for all sorts of occasions?

It's true and I add more and more all the time.  I have collected quotes, sayings and all sorts of sentiments for years from all over the place.  You never know when or where you might find a new saying so I always keep my eyes open for new ones.  Even though a list for a particular theme may have been posted a year or so ago doesn't mean that's all I have.  I constantly add new sentiments to the original lists as I find them.

So as you're making your cards today feel free to use any of the sentiments found on Ink Stains to finish off your special hand made creations! 


  1. WEll that is nice to know about all the quotes you have stored here and are so generous to let us use...I will go check them out:)

  2. I did know, but I forget to check for updates! Old brain! LOL Thanks for the reminder.

  3. I love to read/go through all of the quotes,etc. that you have accumulated. Thanks so much!!


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