Friday, October 8, 2010

My Most Used Inks?

I get asked alot about what my favorite inks are and what I use to color my stamped images so I thought I'd share it with everyone :)

Do I use Staz-On Inks? Why?/Why not?  

No, I normally don't use alot of Staz-On inks...I don't like the smell. I do occasionally use Staz-On for coasters (the tumbled tiles) and some other non-porous projects.

For the most part I use Archival Ink from Ranger.  It is a permanent waterproof ink that works just like Staz-On in that it can be used on porous and non-porous surfaces.  I use it on dominoes, glass, metals, acetate, cardstock, vinyl, plastics, etc. 

  ink 006

What do I use to color my stamped images?

I like the watercolor look so most of the time I use one of two things...  My Staedtler watercolor pencils ~ I have a set of 36 colors which works for everything I want to color.  There are larger and more expensive sets out there but dollar for dollar I wouldn't trade em for any of them! 

ink 001

I know lots of people think they need 60, 120, or the really huge sets of pencils but you can create so many colors by simply blending the existing colors in the smaller sets.  I never really need or want for a color I don't have or can't blend so I guess any more would be a waste.

ink 002

I use my Niji waterbrush when I color with my watercolor pencils.  This brush has a hollow barrel handle that you can fill with water or other mediums (I have one set aside for Alcohol Blending Solution.).  Fill it with water and you're good to go.  When I color my images I usually add a bit of color to each area then I move my color around with the Niji.  I clean off my brush with a few swipes on scrap paper and continue on.  I'm going to get a video around for this soon.

 ink 003

The other medium I use to watercolor my images is Distress Inks.... Yes, I know ~ I use them all the time but I love them.  They are so versatile and the colors are very me...just perfect!

ink 004

I again use the Niji waterbrush paired with my Distress Inks.  I simply pounce some of the ink on my non-stick craft mat, pick up the ink with the brush and apply it to my image.  Quick, easy, no's great!

ink 005

I do use other inks from time to time ~ especially if I have a specific need or project that calls for an exact color.

Do I use Stampin' Up Inks?

No, I never really got into the whole Stampin' Up thing. I never had a rep that was close and the double shipping just kills.  I also thought their inks were pretty expensive compared to others and I already had lots of Ranger Adirondack Dye Inks that I had bought from a semi-local stamping store so I just stuck with them.  Once the Distress Inks came out that was pretty much all she wrote ;) 

So, tell us...what are your fav. inks and why?


  1. i adore too the distress ink..use it all the time...i almost like the same than you...i don't have the give me idea to try it...thanks...

  2. I use mainly distress inks. I have water color crayons and a water brush but I'm not very good with them. I would love to see some demo's.

  3. I like to use Memento's Tuxedo Black for a lot of my stamping, because I use copics. I also love the colors and versatility of the Distress inks, and I too use the Niji water color brushes with mine. I use Either Stampin Up's Whisper White cardstock for stamping or the Nena's because it is nice to blend inks on and smooth and absorbs copic ink nicely. I do use a lot of the SU inks. I love the colors (especially since the recent renovation)and the pads are a really nice size to work with!

  4. I'm mostly not so impressed by the colour and crispiness of images stamped with stazon or archival ink (but sometimes you just have to use them if you want to do some watercolouring of if you're working on acetate or glossy cardstock).
    I adore stamping with versafine, it gives lots of detail and stays wet for embossing. I also often use versamark clear ink for embossing. And of course the distress inks are fun to play with!

  5. Thanks for all the info!! I love my Distress Inks! I also use watercolor pencils but NOW I'll get the Niji waterbrush! I was just usiing a fine tip brush with a small cup of water. I'm too cheap to buy Copics but I buy Bic markers...12/$6.99 at Staples. Gotta love the bargain!

  6. I have the Staedtler crayons! :) I tend to use them like a paint palette and I use a paintbrush. I also love the watercolor look!
    As for doing tiles - I don't have staz-on and won't be buying any. I've read different opinions on how inks work on the tiles. Some have said if the tiles are baked after using pigment ink (SU craft ink) they won't smudge or smear or whatever. Do you have any experience with using anything besides staz-on on the tiles? Thanks!

  7. I LOVE distress inks and I also love colorbox Chalk inks because I love how they look!

  8. There are only two types of inks that I am currently using -
    Distress Inks because they are so versatile and because the colors are so me!
    Staz-On because the black works wonders around the edges of pictures to make them POP and it also works great anything "Slick".

  9. My preferences are very similar to yours, except I *love* the smell of Stazon and use it interchangeably with my Archival ink. I love the distress inks, too. I have a set of 36 Derwent watercolor pencils (purchased at a garage sale for $11!), but more often I use my Prismacolor Premier pencils with odorless mineral spirits. I bought a set of 24 ages ago and have added a few more over the years, but feel no need to have 130+ pencils, either.

  10. Interesting insights...
    I'm looking forward to see your video, so we can see how to do those tips and tricks.

  11. Several years ago I was invited to a Close To My Heart party (at the time it was called Dots). I was already in love with stamps, but there just wasn't much out there. That party opened up a 'whole new world'. I still have the ink pads I bought at that first party and they are just now needing a good re-inking. I also love the Distress Inks. If I need to emboss I just grab my Versafine or Distress Inks. There are now so many beautiful colors available!


Thanks for your thoughts and comments!