Thursday, October 14, 2010

Help - Looking For Byzantia!

Well I hope someone out there can help me.  When I was on the Hannah Grey design team I received a really nifty paint/glaze to mess with ~ Stewart Gill - Byzantia ~ Jewel-Bright Textile & Craft Medium.   Trust me on this...the colors on the website don't begin to show you the vibrancy of this paint!  It is totally amazing.

Since Hannah Grey isn't around anymore I don't have a supplier for this paint. Two of my 3 jars have dried out since it was almost gone and I cannot find it anywhere!!  Since it's from Scotland I am having a heck of a time even finding anyone who knows what it is :( 

I am specifically looking for Acanthus (a great green color), Seraphym (blue) and Aegean (turquoise) but I would take more if I could get my hands on it.

If you know of anyone who sells it or any way to get it here in the States, please, PLEASE let me know!  Thanks in advance to anyone who can help :)

**Isn't that interesting that it is mainly clay art sites that carry it... I've really been looking in the wrong places  (rubber stamping/collage sites).  Anyway, thank you for your help!  I tell you this stuff is totally awesome...I highly recommend it!   Thanks for your help guys!

Also, I'll be back a bit later this afternoon with a REALLY fun Halloween project I have been working on for days.  I so cannot wait to share it with you ~ I'm very excited about it!


  1. They carry all of the stuart gill paints.

  2. Hi Roni,
    Thanks for show me these paints. They look so vibrant and colourful and they are also suitable for polymer clay. I'm considering to order as well.
    I found some sites that ship to USA. This one is an email-based shop.
    Another one:
    and this one is from UK but also ship to the USA
    I hope this helps and looking forward to see what you create with them.
    Hugs, Cuchy

  3. If you are looking for a Creativity Consultant, a national Distributor or Retail store stocking Stewart Gill products, please contact Rebecca Stuart

  4. Hi Roni, I just came across these , maybe they can help you? Good luck :)


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