Thursday, October 7, 2010

Glitter, Mica & Metal Leaf Pumpkins!

O.k...I wanted to share a few more ways to decorate your little pumpkins for Halloween using three of my favorite goodies... Glitter, Mica and Metal Leafing Flakes!  When using mica or glitter I like to paint the surface I am going to bling out ~ it helps to cover your project better by disguising any tiny areas you miss (I'll go into this more tomorrow as I want to talk about the Mica D'Lights a bit more).   The best thing about using acrylic paint on the pumpkins is that you can sprinkle the glitter and mica directly onto the wet paint and you eliminate the need for additional adhesives!

Glitter, Mica
Metal Leafing Flake

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Acrylic Paint
Mica D'Lights Mica Glitter - USArtquest
Metal Leafing Flakes - USArtquest


Glitter & Mica D'Lights:

1. Paint the pumpkin with desired color of acrylic paint.  I used black for under the green glitter and Eggplant under the Mica D'lights.  Black works well with any color of glitter as it gives you a dark field to work on.  Keep in mind that the black may create the illusion that the color of the glitter is darker than it actually is.  This is exactly why I used it on the pumpkin...  Painting with a similar color paint as your glitter will help hide any missed areas.

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2. Sprinkle on Mica or Glitter...  Shake off excess and set aside to dry!

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Metal Leafing Flakes

1. Apply an adhesive that dries to a tacky state...I am using a glue intended for use with metal leafing but you could use any number of other adhesives (glossy accents, Aleene's Tacky Glue, USArtquest PPA Adhesive, etc.).  Let the glue dry to a tacky state...

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2. Gently place bits of the leafing flakes on the tacky glue.

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3. Press the flakes into the adhesive and wipe away the loose bits with a dry paint brush. 
NOTE: This is a messy but very fun step.  I usually end up with leafing flakes all over myself and my desk but I love it.  It is just so much fun to work with!

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Beautiful aren't they?

Now to get you going I am going to give away a package of Metal Leafing Flakes from USArtquest!

To enter to win this package of Leafing Flakes all you have to do is tell us what your favorite Halloween Costume is/was.  This can be one you wore, one your child(ren) or grandchild(ren) wore or simply one you saw in a book, magazine, etc.

You have until 10-13 to enter to win!

My favorite Halloween costume was one Bob wore when he was 2/3 age range.  We dressed him in a white suit, added a pair of white shoes then gave him a mustache... we then told him to walk around pointing and say "dee plane, dee plane" - It was great!!  Everyone got a great laugh from it!

Have a great evening everyone!


  1. Roni -

    These are gorgeous! I love how they sparkle, love the warm glow the leafed pumpkin has.
    My favorite halloween costume was one my sister and I made for my son when he was around 7 or 8. He was Dracula. We made him a satin cape that was red satin on the inside and black on the outside. We inserted cardboard in the collar so it would stand around his ears. We added ties so he could tie it around his neck, then had him put his arms down so we could take a measurement where his hands fell inside the cape (the cape was floor length). We then sewed in little loops on each side so he could slip in a finger and swirl the cape around his face. We bought a white shirt and added lace ruffles down the front, sewed a red satin cumberbund for his waist and a smaller diameter one in black for his neck. We then put a cross (thought that was funny) on a velvet ribbon around his neck. I bought theatre paint and made his complexion pale, adding gray for shadows, red under his eyes and on his lips, slicked his hair back (he has black hair) and stuck fangs in his mouth. He loved it and frankly we had a blast putting the whole thing together - LOL!

    Elaine Allen

  2. Love those pumpkins! My favorite costume was one I wore myself 29 years ago. I was 8 months pregnant with my son and I was a nun! My husband was a pregnant woman. Halloween was on a Saturday that year and we went to a lot of parties and won best costumes at all of them!

  3. nice idea once again! voted for you as fav... When my kids were young...I was a Dalmation..yep... I am 5 '9 and NOT petite...I was one hot dog for a day! the talk of the school...gorgy face paint and a wonderful costume...too fun! cher
    hilly77 at comcast dot net

  4. Everything is better with GLITTER!! :OD The costume I want to share hasn't happened yet -my adult daughter and her sweetie are such a cute pair -he's tall and thin and she's short and curvy. I so want them to get long coats and hats and put a little beard on my daughter and go as Jay and Silent Bob! That would be such a hoot for me.

  5. WOW - purple and green glittered pumpkins! These are fabulous, and what a wonderful idea to do with those mini pumpkins.

  6. Gorgeous pumpkins! Thanks for sharing!!
    I see that I am not the only one to comment on Dracula being their favorite costume so; I won't go into to a description except to say - My Dracula was actually a blond. We used a can of black spray for his slicked back hair. The costume, makeup and hair turned out fabulous and my son won first place at the school lock-in party. This year my grandson will be wearing the same costume :)

  7. I adore the glittered pumpkins!!!

    Favorite costumes:
    1) A ladies full slip with the word "Freud" stenciled on it.... The answer to "what are you?" is "A Freudian Slip" and
    2) Tie small bundles of Thyme from your herb garden along a length of string that is long enough to go around your waist...and go as " A Waste of Thyme". ;-)

  8. My favorite costume as a child was an outfit my mother made. I was an Indian. My younger sister matched. I loved that costume so much my mom had trouble getting it off of me. I wore it for as long as I could fit into it!

  9. Those pumpkins are awesome. A halloween costume I saw recently in a magazine was a little kid dressed like a fish. The kid was in all orange clothes with plastic balls on head for the eyes. Paper plates were painted orange and used for scales.

  10. Love the pumpkins! Can't go wrong with a bit of bling!
    My favorite costume was the year my daughter was in preschool, and I made her a Tinkerbell costume and myself a Peter Pan costume! That was so fun. We looked fantastic, even if I do say so myself!!!

  11. OMG! I can't wait to try that leafing stuff! One of my favorite halloween costumes I made when I was in my early 20's. I dressed as Lillian Munster. I had old, graying-white curtain sheers. I pieced them accordingly and wore a rope criss-crossed on top and around my waist. I made a necklace out of a large rubber bat. No one could figure out who I was! It was a blast:D

  12. My favorite costume was a homemade one when I was a kid. We were Hobos, we used vasoline on our faces, then patted used coffee gounds to make it look like we had wiskers. Grandpas old hat and jacket. Such memories.

  13. My favorite costume was a homemade one when I was a kid. We were Hobos, we used vasoline on our faces, then patted used coffee gounds to make it look like we had wiskers. Grandpas old hat and jacket. Such memories.

  14. my favorite was for my dd when she was about five. We used a pink sweat suite and I made large butterfly wings out of clear plastic and painted them with glass paint so you could see through them. She won first place at our local halloween parade. ( I can't remember how I did the antenna's)

  15. I was Carrie in an old bridemaids dress, i put red paint on the dress , my hair & my face, like in the movie
    "CARRIE" with Sissy Spacek, I won the prize at the BUNKCO party. Your sparkly pumpkins are very cool. Happy Haunting.

  16. Thanks so much for the tutorial! These pumkins rock!


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