Monday, June 28, 2010

Stickles Glitter Glue ~ Not Just for Dots Anymore!

I get many e-mails from people telling me they bought a few bottles of Stickles Glitter Glue that just sit on their desk because they don't know what to do with them. So many people ask for suggestions on how to really "use" them instead of just adding a dot here or there.

Now don't get me wrong, using Stickles for "faux gemstones" is great but you can do so many more things than just add dots to your projects.

Today I've got 3 cards to share with you that will really give your Stickles bottles a work out!

Stickles add not only great glitz & glitter but it also adds so much texture! To create this card I painted a swish/flourish with gold SGG the added several balloons over top. As you will note, the balloons have been decorated in a variety of ways ~ a couple of the balloons have all over coverage, I added strips to the yellow balloon and gold highlights to the blue balloons. Don't forget to mix it up a bit. Several of the balloons have highlights using Silver SGG.

In addition to the flourish and Balloons I created "strings" from the balloons and covered each of the letters with Black Diamond SGG.

LTD Stickles 023

One of my favorite ways to use Stickles Glitter Glue is to add highlights to pattern paper. I'm sure many of you know how expensive pre-glittered pattern paper is ~ it can range anywhere from $1.50 up to 2-3.00! Way to rich for my blood... but with a little bit of time and SGG I can turn any piece of pattern paper into the "fancy stuff"!

For this card I not only highlighted the dot pattern paper with a variety of SGG but I also outlined the harlequin design on the other sheet of PP. I also used the glue to outline each of my acrylic letter tiles and I also colored the stamped image with SGG as well! It's a great way to add lots of zing to a plain stamped image.

LTD Stickles 016

Here is another fun card that I really spiced up with Stickles. Again I kicked the pattern papers up a notch or two by highlighting the existing design with complimentary colors of the GG. I also love to paint chipboard pieces (scallop circle, flowers, letters, flourish) with acrylic paint and then cover with the glitter glue. By using the same colors on the flowers as I used in the pattern paper it ties the whole design together giving the finished card an amazing "Finished" look.

LTD Stickles 018

I hope these ideas have sparked a few ideas on how to get your Stickles off the shelf and into your projects!

Tomorrow I'll have a few more ideas on how to incorporate Stickles into your projects.

Till then friends...

Have a beautiful day

filled with sparkles!

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  1. Roni -

    I love what you've created with the Stickles Roni. They really came out wonderful!

    I am not ashamed to admit that I am a Stickles addict! I love Stickles and incorporate them into work. A little Stickles makes a big impact. One of the things I make are teacup fairies and captured fairies in boxes. When I make my fairy wands I cut a piece of wire, using jewelry pliers I make a small spiral at one end. I then attach to each flat side of the spiral a small pearl sticker. This now gives the end of the wand a round shape. I then use Stickles (choose your color) and cover the pearls with it. Let it dry and apply another coat. A shiny fairy wand. I use Stickles for decorating the fairy crowns and on their little dresses. I make them a little dress with tulle and then use the stickles to make shapes on the tulle.
    Do you think I could get away with polishing my nails with it?!!

    Elaine Allen


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