Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ink Blending Tool Technique - Burnt Edges

IBT Technique ~ Burnt Edges

Many people think "Burnt Edges" are created by simply applying a bit of brown ink to the edge of a piece of paper. That's fine for some folks but when I say Burnt Edges...I mean it! Usually I apply 3 or more colors of Distress Ink to really burn the edge...they are crispy critters when I finish with em ;)

IBT - Burnt Edges 001


Distress Inks

Ink Blending Tool & Foams


*Non-Stick Craft Sheet (optional)

*NOTE: I like to work on a Non Stick Craft Sheet. It is not necessary but it really does help transferring the ink to the paper. If you start off the edge of the paper (on the NSCS) ink will be deposited there which while you are swirling the ink onto your paper you'll also be swirling off the paper picking up the inks left there when you started. So not all of the ink is applied at one time but it will eventually be used. No waste!

If you work on scrap paper, the ink will be deposited and left on the scrap making you use more ink than is necessary.


1. Ink your foam with the lightest color of ink you will be using. In this case it's Spiced Marmalade... Apply this ink to your cardstock edge working in swirling motions...you'll need to apply it about 1/4" (more or less) in from the edge.

IBT - Burnt Edges 002

2. Next, apply your medium value ink ~ I'm using Fired Brick for this step. I like to work in thirds here so, you will want to apply this ink over the Spiced Marmalade ~ leaving 1/3rd of the Spiced Marmalade exposed (cover 2/3rds with the Fired Brick.

IBT - Burnt Edges 003

3. Finally, apply your darkest ink to the very edge. I am using Black Soot but I have used Walnut Stain or Vintage Photo with this same combo before. Cover only the outermost edge with the Black Soot. It really looks burnt at this point doesn't it?

IBT - Burnt Edges 004

4. Optional - Now you could use your cardstock as is but not one to leave well enough alone, let's kick it up a notch or two.

Physically distress the edge with your choice of tools. I like to use my Making Memories Distresser but you might have another that works for you.

You may notice some of the under laying color or white from your cardstock showing through. To correct this, simply add additional ink if desired.

IBT - Burnt Edges 006

THAT is how you really burn the edge!

What do you think?

Now, that's not the only color combo you can use... I like to mix it up a bit and use any colors I like. Below are two more examples of the Burnt Edge Technique...

Yellow & Oranges...

IBT - Burnt Edges 007


IBT - Burnt Edges 008

Tomorrow I'll share some finished projects incorporating this Technique!

Be sure to stop back in and check em out!

Till then friends...

Go Get Inky!!!


  1. Now that is what I call crispy critters Roni! I really love how this does look very worn and burnt. Great technique and thanks for posting it.

    Elaine Allen

  2. Awesome, thanks for sharing how you do it.

  3. OMG! That is so cool! I never thought of using several colors to get that look! Thanks so much for sharing that!

  4. Very cool technique, or should I say 'hot'! Thanks for sharing all your great tips and techniques.

  5. Fabulous! I like to use Antique Linen with this technique myself, but I love the spiced marmlade version!

  6. Burn Baby Burn! Gorgeous... using three colors like that makes all the difference in the world to this technique!

  7. TOTALLY cool!!! But MAN I really need to add to my colors....look at all of those yummy colors. I didn't realize they had all of those other colors. I guess I need to get online and check them out because our local ACMoore and Michaels seem to only have a few colors. I love reading all of your great techniques!!! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Thanks Roni, looks really great!

  9. Great technique! Where in the world do you find "non-stick craft sheets"?

  10. I like it! I love distress so much and I use a similar technique as this. Very often use five different colors!


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