Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Canvas Swirl Flowers!

You know me and my flowers...

always trying to come up with something new and fun to try.


today I have another one for you.

I was so excited about these flowers I could hardly wait to share them with you so here you go....

Canvas Swirl Flowers


Sticky Back Canvas - Ranger Industries

Chipboard Circle (pre-cut or hand-cut)

Distress or Pigment Ink (optional)

Embossing Powder

Embossing Gun


1. Tear the canvas in 1/2" strips. For smaller flowers you will use 1 strip, for larger flowers more. It's hard to say exactly how much you will need because it all depends on how large you make the flowers and how twisted you get ;)

2. Paint the chipboard a color that will coordinate with your finished flower. NOTE: I left my chipboard plain so you could see it on the finished flower to allow for color variations so you could easily identify the various steps.

3. (optional) If desired, ink the canvas with desired color. Let this ink dry completely. This is very important...if the ink is still wet it will hold the EP's in later steps and ruin the twisted effect.

Canvas Swirl Flowers 002

4. Begin in the center of the chipboard circle ~ Press one end of the stick side of the canvas to the very center of your circle. Twist the canvas strip once. You should now have a swirl ~ white sticky back canvas showing in the center with the inked side in your fingers. Press the inked canvas down on the chipboard beside the original piece of centered canvas. Twist and press, twist & press working your way around the chipboard as shown.

Don't get discouraged if you knock loose a twist or two, simply press them back down where they belong. It took me a couple tries before I got a flower that I liked the looks of.

Canvas Swirl Flowers 004

Once you reach the edge of the chipboard, cut off the excess canvas or if you are working on a larger flower, add additional strips as necessary. Your circle/canvas should look similar to this now....

Canvas Swirl Flowers 005

5. Sprinkle the canvas with desired color of embossing powder(s). Shake off excess and reserve for future projects.

Canvas Swirl Flowers 006

6. Heat to melt the embossing powders. Don't worry about the canvas ~ it is built to withstand heat. Let the flowers cool completely before use.

Canvas Swirl Flowers 007

And you're finished!!!

Here are a few examples of my finished Canvas Swirl Flowers...

You will notice in the first photo how very little of the chipboard shows through. You can use this as a guide on how tightly packed your twists should be placed on the chipboard. The second photo shows you how dimensional the flowers actually are!

Canvas Swirl Flowers 008

Canvas Swirl Flowers 009

And here are a couple "un-inked" Canvas Swirl Flowers....the white of the canvas really makes the flowers pop don't you think?

Canvas Swirl Flowers 010

Looks like fun huh?

Tomorrow I'll share a few finished projects incorporating these flowers so be sure to check back then!


  1. Those flowers look totally cool.

  2. Trust you to come up with something new and different - LOL! Don't you ever sleep, or do you dream ART? These really are beautiful Roni, wonderful job.

    Elaine Allen

  3. You're so creative! Really like the flowers!

  4. What an awesome little flower! Thanks for sharing...I've only used my sticky back canvas once...now I know what else to use it for!

  5. I love these! How creative. Can't wait to see what you do with them tomorrow.

  6. Amazing! I've got some sticky back canvas in my stash that I haven't been using for anything! It's flower making time! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I do have to try these, they look more like my kinda' flower! thanks

  8. Thank you for sharing this fun flower technique. These are super. Happy creating...

  9. Nice post.......
    Thanks for sharing these great pictures. These flowers look really nice and you have done a great job.......

  10. http://meyerprints-merianbulbflowers.blogspot.com/

  11. WOW Roni, you never stop! I love this flower technique. I'm teaching a small class Saturday on flowers. I wish I had some sticky back canvas!
    you're simply the best!

  12. I was wondering what you were going to do with the exposed sticky side of the canvas. The embossing powder is the perfect solution! Great project Roni!

  13. Stunning thank you for sharing this with us all.


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