Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vintage Easter Cards

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Gosh so many things going on...

It looks like the Best Friend book using the list I posted yesterday is a go! So many people are excited about it so I think I'll start it either this week or next.

What do you think....

A technique a page (like the calendar I did in Jan.)


a challenge a page (color, texture, product, etc.)????

PLMK what you think!

LOTS of people have been posting on Kristin's Retro Cafe Art blog trying to win a copy of my book! So exciting to watch the comments and numbers rise :) If you haven't headed over, be sure to do so and put your name in the hat. She's giving away 3 copies one each week.

I have a product review for you this week instead of a rubber stamp retailer/designer. I'm really excited about it since it's something we all use all the time.

Can you guess what product (not brand name, just general item) it is????

Next week I'll have another stamp retailer/designer as well as a cool set of stamps and a hand made goodie to give away - You sooooo don't want to miss it!

Well, on to the cards...

I usually post vintage postcards but I have several vintage Easter cards in my collection so I thought I'd share some of those with you this week. You can use them just like postcards or collage images.


Easter Cards 001

Easter Cards 002

Easter Cards 003

Easter Cards 005

Easter Cards 006

You have a wonderful evening!

I'll be back in a bit with the winner of the 1,000 post give-a-way!


  1. Those Easter cards are darling!

    1 - I think the challenge a page would be cool.

    2 - I entered to win a copy of your book. I'd love to win and gift it to my friend.

    3 - Besides TP, I guess glue/adhesive

    Thanks for all you do!!

  2. Roni -

    I adore the Easter Shoppe! This is so sweet, I have never seen anything like it! Thanks for posting all the cards, they are just sweet! I think you will be reviewing is either inks or adhesives.

    Elaine Allen


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