Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Sheet Mica

I've had several questions on the sheet of mica I used to mount the Bird/Egg beeswax collage's the dark brown irregular shaped piece behind the rectangle collage.
bird n egg beeswax collage 001

It is a sheet of "Grand Effects" mica from USArtQuest. It's about a 10" x 13" piece! They also offer smaller sheets and other mica products as well. Actually, USArtQuest is the largest supplier of art quality mica in the world!!

The Grand Effects is like the biggy mac size in mica world. It's actually the largest sheet of mica I have been able to find. Beautiful stuff. If you order, be sure to keep in mind that since it's a natural product no two packages are going to be the same...shape, size and coloration will vary from piece to piece.

If you've visited much or read my book you'll know how much I love mica. It's one of my favorite materials to work with. I even created a mica triptych in one section of my book using the large/Grand Effects sheets.

Simply marvelous stuff!!!


  1. Thank you so much for this fab info - I will try to source some but as I'm in England not sure where!
    I guess it won't treavel too well....!

  2. Thanks to you and a friend of mine, I love mica, too!!

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