Saturday, March 6, 2010

Ever Heard of Meadville PA???

Hmmmm - not sure where the video went but here's a link to it....

Comedian from Meadville PA

OMG ~ Got this from my uncle....Meadville PA is where my mom's family is from and it's so funny to hear this lady talk about it. My uncle and much of mom's family still lives there (or close by) so we go back every so often. I recognize lots of places they show in the video. To hear it described like this is just way too funny!
If she thinks that's bad she needs to come to Albion (Indiana) ~ we don't even have a dry cleaners...oh but we do have lots of cows - LOL!!!


  1. too cute made me laugh to day. thanks

  2. You're from Albion? I love your blog. Great ideas, etc. I work in Meadville.

  3. Oh my! She is so funny. Hope to see and hear more of her.

    I was on Bren's blog and saw your blog on her sidebar that said PA. My daughter lives in PA, so I had to come and see the video. Good to meet you.

    Lee Ann

  4. For some reason, I can't see what you all are talking about. There is no video here for me to see. Darn it!
    I live 30 minutes from Meadville. Believe it or not... where I am from...Meadville is actually a big city!! lol


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