Saturday, March 27, 2010

Curious "R" Penny

This has nothing at all to do with crafty goodness but it is very curious....

Dh was sorting out the small change from his pocket "stuff" yesterday and he came across this odd looking penny.

curious penny 001

It has two upper case letter "R"'s stamped into the front side. There is also what looks like a large slash on Pres. Lincoln's face running from his hairline to his cheek bone.

Now I tried to search to see if this might be a reject (because of the slash on his face) or ?????.

Couldn't find a thing about it but then I'm not very good at searching for things like this so it's still a mystery.

Anyone know what this might be?!?!?

I'd love to find out what the R's signify if anything.
Anyway, that's my mystery of the week - LOL!!


  1. I found this here

    So maybe they are talking about the same thing.

    *Most pictures I have seen do do look like cast copys from the letering, and with a R hand stamped into the surface, But rare coins usually do have to be seen in person to be evaluated properly. Any pictures and descriptions cannot do justice to the coins or show how they are produced.
    Yours with the r stamped in, seems to fit in with being made after the hobby law took effect. So the coin is re-stamped with an indented R. Replicas and counterfeit copies have been produced of all known numismatic rarities. The "Hobby Protection Act " dictates that all reproductions produced after that date be marked as such. If your item bears the words "Replica," "Copy," or the letters "R" or "C," it is undoubtedly a copy.

    As such, these coins hold no legal-tender and little collector value.*

  2. I'd hang onto it anyway...everyone else will be throwing them away, and before you know it, they'll be worth something because there are so few available!

  3. My son collects coins and he to found a penny with an "R" stamp but his is one large R over the front.I guess it is the same thing.But its different so he's going to keep it.


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